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So Amy Coney Barrett’s Constitution “Originalism” Is Terrifying

Amy Coney Barrett

We’re in the second day of the Amy Coney Barrett hearings that shouldn’t be happening for the her Supreme Court nomination, and it’s just more terrifying shit over and over again. In today’s hearing, ACB decided to talk about the Constitution and what her job would be in regards to the Constitution while serving on the court.

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And what’s so frightening about it is that Barrett, essentially, is saying that what worked in 1787 (when the Constitution was first ratified) should work for us now, which … is ironically the opposite of what the Founding Fathers believed at the time, as they thought the Constitution would be a living document that changed with the time.

So, by ACB’s logic, something written before women had the right to vote and only white men could own land is what we should uphold in its original intent today. 2020 Democratic primary contender and boy mayor Pete Buttigieg put the issue with that stance pretty concisely:

And we’re supposed to just be happy because she’s a woman with a large family, right?

What’s frightening about this is that there will be people in this world who think that she’s doing the right thing by America by “upholding the Constitution,” as if that’s what the Founding Fathers wanted. It’s not, and this “Originalist” ideal is actually harmful for the America that was dreamt of even back then by a bunch of racist, sexist white men.

We live in a world where there are people who want to take us back to the “good ol’ days” despite the fact that those “good times” were only that for a very specific group of people. So, Amy Coney Barrett is terrifying for a great many reasons. She’s no feminist, she doesn’t want to help America grow, she wants to take us back to the days of white power, and it’s f**king terrifying.

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