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Watch a Pair of Stupid Americans Try The Foods of Doctor Who



We’ve all heard the jokes about how different American and British tastes are. We Americans tend to find British foods bland, and Brits will probably never understand our tendency to put ketchup on pretty much everything. As a bit of an anglophile, and a big ole Doctor Who fan, I thought I’d conduct a little experiment to find out just how different food is from one side of “the pond” to the other. I scoured the many seasons of Doctor Who for references to distinctly British foods, made a sizeable online order, and awaited my fate (via Royal Mail, because I’m posh like that). Now, I’m no stranger to European foods (Blood Pudding? Yes, yes, yes! Marmite? Not even once.), so I’ve recruited a friend to ensure that these treats will be judged impartially.

So, if you’ve ever pondered what fish fingers and custard would actually taste like, or Jelly Babies, or Yorkshire pudding, then wonder no more! We tried them all, so you don’t have to! Bon appetit!

The Foods of Who, Part 1: Breakfast

The Foods of Who, Part 2: Lunch (including fish fingers & custard)

The Foods of Who, Part 3: Snacks

The Foods of Who, Part 4: Dessert

The Foods of Who, Part 5: More Sweets

The Foods of Who, Finale: ????

Eris Walsh (@SheGeeksBlog) is obsessed with Batman, Neil Gaiman, chemistry, Doctor Who, and baseball. She also enjoys scouring conventions for fantastic examples of cosplay craftsmanship and discussing role-playing games (both table top and LARP), comics, movies, etc. with other enthusiasts. Eris can also be found on her blog She-Geeks, where she writes about geek stuff; local New Orleans radio show Week in Geek, where she talks about science stuff; and on the Krewe du Who community webpage, where she posts weekly reviews of current Doctor Who episodes.

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