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American Vampire: Stephen King’s First Comic

Yesterday, The Daily Beast put up an exclusive interview with Stephen King regarding the making of his first comic book, American Vampire.  Yes, we know all about the Dark Tower comics, but this time, King is actually writing the scripts.  In fact, much to his disappointment, DC Comics told him he couldn’t use thought bubbles anymore.

“I got this kind of embarrassed call from the editors saying, ‘Ah, Steve, we don’t do that anymore.’ ‘You don’t do that anymore?’ I said. ‘No, when the characters speak, they speak. If they’re thinking, you try to put that across in the narration, in the little narration boxes.’”

King also mentions the Twilight books, as anyone who writes anything about vampires is now forced to do as if no one has ever done vampires before.

“I think that the Twilight books, while they do have some crossover, sexually, boys and girls, for a lot of girls, this is an extremely romantic and highly-charged concept that has a sexual element but it doesn’t seem as dangerous,” King says. “I go back to that thing about how vampires are terrifically sexy from the neck up and dead from the waist down, because the original vampire thing, the whole element of that was oral, you know? It was basically giving girls hickeys in the middle of the night.”

You can read the full interview at The Daily Beast.

(via Bleeding Cool.)

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