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Is Amazon Competing with Netflix Now?


Amazon has reported major profits selling books. Is it trying to take over streaming online video as well? Engadget reports that for a little while, Amazon Prime subscribers saw a screen offering free streaming video, which looks a lot like Netflix Watch Instantly. Does this mean Netflix might have something to worry about?

Amazon Prime, which costs $75 a year, gives subscribers free shipping on all Amazon products among its benefits, so offering free streaming video (that can also be watched on your TV) would be a pretty sweet addition to its package. Meanwhile, Netflix costs about $96 a year for its similar Watch Instantly service (that’s $8 per month — for $9 per month, you can get DVDs in the mail, plus another $2 a month to add Blu-Ray service). But Netflix only offers movies and TV. Amazon offers a whole lot more as far as benefits go, and for a good $20 less.

But this might all be moot, since apparently, the option has disappeared. But — a clue! — according to a commenter on Engadget, “several variations of the domain name were registered by Amazon-owned DPReview January 5.” Your move, Netflix!

(Screen caps via Engadget, Engadget via Gizmodo)

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