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Amazon Prime Movie Streaming Comes To PS3

Amazon Prime’s Amazon Instant Video” pack-in is now getting a little cooler and a little more of a threat to services like Netflix. Amazon Instant Video is now available on the PS3, and by extension, your TV. If you’ve got Prime and you want to get things going, all you have to do is hop on to your PS3, download the app and let her rip. With console support, Amazon Instant Video seems like more of a direct competitor to Netflix, and by going with PS3 instead of Xbox, they’ve saved viewers the cost of an Xbox Live subscription.

While this is a little late in the game for any streaming services to be coming to console(s), it’s understandable in Amazon Instant Video’s case, considering that it’s not so much a service as it is a bolt-on or a bonus. Amazon Prime membership is mainly about the free 2-day shipping, and the video streaming is just gravy. That is, unless you have a student version of the Prime membership, which is cheaper, but without the bells and whistles, rendering it gravy-less.

If you do have the big boy version of Amazon Prime and you also have a PS3, you just got a free little present from Amazon. Be sure to make use of it by drooling buckets as you absorb oodles and oodles of visual media through your eyeballs. It’s good for you.

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