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Altered Carbon Coming Back with Anthony Mackie As Takeshi Kovacs in Season Two

Altered Carbon

A member of Team Cap is going to get his hands on some of that sweet Netflix money. According to Deadline, actor Anthony Mackie, known in the nerd community for playing Sam, aka Falcon, in the MCU, has been cast in the upcoming season of Altered Carbon as the newest incarnation of the character Takeshi Kovacs, taking over from Joel Kinnaman.

In the futuristic world of Altered Carbon, people can exist for thousands of years by digitizing a person’s mind and ‘soul’ into another body and the story of Takeshi Kovacs spans hundreds of years, several planets, and many different bodies. Many of us at TMS love Altered Carbon so it is exciting to see it return and with an actor who we’d love to see more of. Especially since he’s potentially stuck in the soul stone anyway.

Due to the body swapping nature of the show, it is currently up in the air how many members of the original cast will be returning. Laeta Kalogridis, the now co-showrunner along with Alison Schapker, hinted that Reileen, the sister of Kovacs and major fan favorite Poe, might return despite their characters dying. Kalogridis said back in February the following about Poe:

The things that I find really interesting about Poe is the concept of a character who knew everything, and had everything at his fingertips all the time, being very damaged and not knowing everything. He wants to be human, but part of humanity is a level of imperfection that Poe doesn’t possess. That’s interesting to me. What we’re going to do with that, I don’t know. But I will say Poe has lost Lizzie (Haley Law) forever. There’s no ever-after for those two.

As for Reileen, Kalogridis said that because the narrative of the show isn’t linear, it is possible we could see Reileen again in a different place in space and time, which is super exciting because I love Reileen.

Mackie will no doubt be an excellent addition to the show and I’m hoping with the success of Altered Carbon, Netflix can be a place for even more sci-fi shows to come and flourish. Well, a girl can hope.

What are you guys looking to in season two of Altered Carbon? Let us know below!

(via Deadline, image: Marvel/Netflix)

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