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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Round-Up: The Old Spice Guy, GRRM, Lee Pace, Joss, Tom Hardy, & More!

So much icy charity goodness!

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has already raised over $50 million for charity, and the donations and videos don’t seem to be slowing down. Here are some more videos of your faves getting soaked – and don’t forget to send your own contributions (with or without ice) here through the MDA.

The Old Spice Guy

Mother of Pearl!

George R. R. Martin

“What is dead may never die!” GRRM accepts Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer’s challenge. Consider this punishment for all those amazing characters you killed off in Game of Thrones *muffled sobbing*.

Lee Pace

Accepting his sister’s challenge, Lee fulfills all our dreams by getting doused in slow-motion (bless him). There’s also a bonus bucket for Lee’s Prisoners of War co-star Berenice Marlohe!

Richard Armitage

After a performance of The Crucible on his birthday (August 22nd), Richard took the challenge outside the stage door with a bunch of his fans. Adorbs.

Tina Fey

The most adorable cop-out yet.

Destiny Ghost

That bucket came from the moon!

Maisie Williams

I feel like it’s perhaps a touch dangerous to do this on a window ledge? But, whatever, Maisie remains flawless and wonderful.

Joss Whedon

In which Prince George gets off easy.

Summer Glau

She nominates Gina Torres, yaaaas.

Commanders Shepard, Mark Meer and Jennifer Hale

“I should go.”

Robert Carlyle

Once upon a time, Robert was an awesome sport.

Guillermo del Toro

He challenges Hannibal Chau.

Lost Girl‘s Anna Silk, Rachel Skarsten, and Zoie Palmer (with bonus Rachel McAdams!)

Kris Holden-Ried could dump ice water over me any time, just sayin’. And, aww, Rachel nominates Margaret Atwood. Canadians stick together.

And finally, Tom Hardy

Worth it just for the gleeful cackles and commentary of the cameraman.

Remember, you can donate to fight ALS here!

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