Chaotic GTA VI Trailer real-life inspired news featuring the Miami Joker, the naked man, the gator in Walmart, and the gator in a family pool

All the Real Florida News Stories Referenced in the ‘GTA VI’ Trailer

It’s no secret that Florida is a hotbed of odd news, and everybody from all around the world is just waiting for the next Florida Man headline to make their day. It looks like Grand Theft Auto VI will be making Florida’s iconic and over-the-top events the butt of many jokes in the game, and it did not hold back in its first trailer.

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While everybody is already gushing over Lucia for being a cool character in the trailer, there are many real-life details that didn’t go unnoticed by Redditors, longtime Grand Theft Auto fans, and perhaps Floridians.

The Miami Joker made it into Grand Theft Auto VI’s trailer, and the resemblance is uncanny. It’s unclear if they’ll be charged for carrying a concealed firearm and be sentenced to two years of probation, but it’ll be even more curious to see what role they’ll play in any missions with both of the protagonists.

Florida is unironically gator land, and the GTA VI trailer made sure everybody knew about that. The alligator that made its way into a local convenience store in GTA VI is definitely from Florida, except the gator in real life failed to do their shopping before they were chased away by local authorities. Even the other gator incident in the trailer, which featured a gator being pulled out of a pool, is a reference to the nine-foot alligator found in a Florida family’s swimming pool in 2019.

But nothing could represent Florida better than the odd Floridian men who make the headlines—known separately and now collectively as “Florida Man.” Miami Joker aside, the nude Florida man running away from the cops is just your typical Florida Man who makes it into breaking news. In real life, the naked man had a machete and tried to steal a local surveyor’s clothes. As wild as that story is, Florida Karen with a couple of hammers was also immortalized in the game. She was aged up, but she still had a couple of menacing hammers in her hands.

Grand Theft Auto and Florida are two terms too chaotic for the world to handle. It shouldn’t exist, but it does, and gamers now have the choice to buy the game or visit Florida for the real experience.

(featured image: Rockstar Games)

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