Rhys Darby as Stede Bonnet stands by a wanted poster of Blackbeard in 'Our Flag Means Death' season 2

Wait, There Are Post-Credit Scenes In ‘Our Flag Means Death’ Season 2 Episodes?

Our Flag Means Death is back and utter perfection. The beloved show that has meant the world to fans brings with it a season 2 that is a perfect continuation of what where we left off in season 1 as our characters are still unpacking their heartbreak with each other. What is different in season 2 is that there end credit scenes at the end of some of the episodes. These little moments give fans a little special something at the end of the episodes and are just a nice little continuation of the story.

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Sometimes, you’re just so excited to go onto the next episode, you might miss the post credit scenes or brush them off. That’s why we have decided to collect them all here for you, so that you won’t miss a single one of the scenes and their importance to the story! Starting with the first three episodes that dropped on the premiere date, let’s talk about what each of these scenes mean and whether or not they’re important to the episode as a whole. Often, they seem to just be a fun little nod for fans of the show.

Episode 1: “Impossible Birds”

Jim talking about the fleshy boy in Our Flag Means Death

When episode 1, “Impossible Birds,” comes to an end, Jim (Vico Ortiz) is telling a story to Fang (David Fane), who’s upset. Blackbeard (Taika Waititi) went too far and the whole crew is upset, but Fang is taking it particularly bad. So Jim takes it upon themselves to go ahead and comfort Fang by saying that they’ll tell him a story. So they do, and that story? The story of a puppet that becomes a real boy. It’s obviously the story of Pinocchio, although Jim mixes it up with “The Monkey’s Paw.” What’s great is that in the 1700s, when the show takes place, neither story had been written yet.

During the actual episode, Jim is telling this story as well, but in the credit scene we get to see Jim doing voices and hear them saying “I pray to you, Dark Lord, to make me real flesh. I want to be real flesh!” Jim then talks about a monkey paw, which says, “I will make you the fleshy boy you desire.” Everyone is laughing at Jim’s story, and it really does make you wonder if this was just Ortiz having fun or if it was scripted. Either way, we love it.

Episode 2: “Red Flags”

Zheng Yi Sao and Olu in Our Flag Means Death

The budding relationship between Zheng Yi Sao (Ruibo Qian) and Oluwande (Samson Kayo) is something that has caused a lot of havoc in episode 2 but in a cute end scene, we get to see as Auntie (Anapela Polataivao) struggles to rebuild her table after Olu tried to “clean up” her work. Auntie is complaining the entire time to Zheng Yi Sao, and while the two are talking, Olu knocks on the door and says there’s a message for her.

The two go to leave, and Olu tells her that there’s no message, he just thought she needed a break. The scene continues this cute back and forth between them, and throws Olu’s relationship with Jim from season 1 into question now that Jim is on the Revenge with Blackbeard.

Episode 3: “The Innkeeper”

Looking up at the shore in Our Flag Means Death

After one of the more emotional episodes of Our Flag Means Death, the post-credits scene for “The Inkeeper” is less a look to the future and more a continuation of what we already saw. The credits roll to the sound of the ocean, and so we see more of the calming waters looking up at the sky above. For once, it was calming to me (someone terrified of the ocean). It wasn’t much to go off of, just some more water, but it was enough to see for us.

Episode 4: “Fun and Games

 Ewen Bremner as Buttons in our flag means death

Did you think that Buttons (Ewen Bremner) became a bird and flew off? Actually, it seems like he is just seating some dinner with Anne and Mary. While the episode was filled with tension, love, and couples trying to figure out their feelings for one another, Buttons was trying to find a bowl to become one with himself and become a bird. Ed thinks that he succeeded and we’re all very happy for Ed that he thinks that. And maybe, in some ways, that’s exactly what Buttons did.

He could have become a bird, flew around and come back. Or he could have just walked away back to Anne and Mary. We don’t know. We do know that he’s back hanging with them and that’s nice for Buttons. Their house did catch on fire so this could have been before or this could be a new place who really knows what is going on with Buttons though.

Episode 5: “The Curse of the Seafaring Life”

Fang our flag means death

Yes, please. Make everyone listen to ” Baby” by Donnie and Joe Emerson. Our pirates love to center themselves and become one with the world and Fang had to deal with Ed coming to terms with that this week. So much so that they’re on this boat for a long time. So we get to see a lot of their “quiet” time together which is Ed just not talking out loud. He’s still non-stop talking to catch something. He’s just doing it in his head. So Fang just doesn’t realize that it is happening.

Technically, it works. Technically.

Episode 6: “Calypso’s Birthday”

Fang and his goat in 'Our Flag Means Death'

Oh Fang. After the chaos that became the birthday party that the crew of the Revenge threw for Calypso, Fang (David Fane) appears on the side of the ship with a goat in his arms. He decides to tell everyone he couldn’t possibly let them kill it so he was just hanging out with his new friend and holding on to him so that he could keep him with the Revenge.

It then spurs Archie on to get the party started again while Izzy is just watching the crew all party, Roach wants to get some fireworks, and everyone is just celebrating not being the victims of the fiddler man all because of Stede’s strength as a captain.

Episode 7: “Man On Fire”

Fang and Roach in Our Flag Means Death sitting next to each other

Uhhhhhhh, get ready for a new ship that you did not see coming. While the episode itself has a cliffhanger that leaves us all wondering about the future of pirates and what will happen with the Revenge and their fellow pirate friends, to see Roach and Fang taking care of themselves was really nice actually. With Fang trying to deal with rope, Roach decided to teach Fang how to prioritize self-care on the ship and oh no, I do ship it now.

The two go and sit together out in a marshy area and Roach shows him the benefits of a clay-like mask and the two are just hanging out together, talking about making sure they’re making time for themselves and it really is nice to see in the midst of the pirate chaos.

Episode 8: “Mermen”

The last credit scene for Our Flag Means Death

When the crew of the Revenge is held captive, they’re trying to escape their jail cell. So they all come up with an idea to pull two of the bars closer together and make one of the smaller members of their team sneak out through it. The problem is convincing someone to go through it. While Archie and Fang do the heavy lifting of forcing the bars together, they all then have to try and get someone through their work.

It ends up being Frenchie who tries it and they tell him to “think thin” to make it happen. It works and he gets through and that’s all we get to see before the scene ends. Clearly it works because we know they escape but that’s all we get from the scene.


Check back here next Thursday for more post-credits scenes after the next drop of episodes!

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