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[UPDATED w/Official Photo] FINALLY, All the New Ghostbsuters All Suited Up, All of Us Tearing Up

These aren't tears! They're clear ectoplasm! SHUT UP.

[UPDATE] Paul Feig tweeted out this first official image with the Ecto-1, uniforms, proton packs and all! It just keeps getting better! THOSE BOOTS.

[Original post]

They ain’t afraid of no Internet hate campaign.

The gang’s all here! So far, Leslie Jones had been notably absent from all our set photos, so this one combines our first look at the team with their first appearance all in uniform!

If I’m honest, I’m from the camp of “never wanted a Ghostbusters reboot,” but the cast is the part of it that really excites me, and I’ve quickly been won over into wanting this movie to be awesome. It’s just such a great feeling to see four funny women take up the Ghostbusters mantle that I can’t help but love it, and I really wish everyone else could see it that way—or at least just admit why they really don’t like it…

Plus, every bit of news and image to come out of this one so far has been legitimately great. Here, take a different look at the hearse they’ll use as the Ecto-1:

And the new Ecto-2:

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