Every McDonald’s Pokémon Card From This Year and Its Current Value

I'm lovin' catching em' all.

Throughout the years, McDonald’s has had a fair amount of collaborations with the Pokémon trading card game—and another promotion hit the fast-food chain on August 9th in the US. Last year’s campaign was so successful, that scalpers ended up depleting the supply of cards, all because of YouTubers and other celebrities creating an absurd amount of hype around them. This time, though, supply issues seem like they won’t happen (but only time will tell). These cards are in packs of four, and they also come with a special coin and a “Match Battle” toy. Up until September 26th, they will be distributed in Happy Meals, so any serious collectors might have to get their hands on several Happy Meals to acquire the whole 15-card set. Ranging from Pokémon like Pikachu and Bewear to Victini and Smeargle, all the cards are printed on “confetti holofoil.” There will even be interchanging coins and toys throughout the weeks of the promotion.

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Currently, only four cards have definitive values listed on TCGPlayer, but all the cards have appeared on eBay and were sold ahead of the promotion in the US. Complete sets go for as much as 40 to 50 dollars, but the individual prices of each card vary. Here’s their value as of August 2022:

Ledyba – $1 – $2

Rowlet – $4 – $9

Gossifleur – $2 – $9

Growlithe – $1 – $11

Victini – $3 – $9

Lapras – $1 – $3

Pikachu – $7 – $20

Chinchou – $1 – $3

Flaaffy – $1 – $3

Tynamo – $1 – $3

Cutiefly – $1 – $2

Bewear – $1 – $3

Pangoro – $1 – $3

Drampa – $1 – $4

Smeargle – $3 –

(featured image: The Pokémon Company)

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