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Surreal “All I Want for Christmas” MP3 to MIDI to MP3 Remix Is the Haunting Christmas Theme Your Holiday Needs

Tumblr strikes again.

If thinking of the Christmas holiday instantly brings back thoughts of warm apple cider, the smell of Christmas trees, and Mariah Carey, then boy do we have something for you. This uh… remix (if you can call it that) of Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas” has been making the rounds on Tumblr, and friends: it’s incredibly hilarious.

Someone took the original song and ran it through a MIDI converter then took that MIDI and ran it back through an MP3 converter. It’s kind of like when you use Google Translate to translate a sentence to another language, then you take that sentence and translate it back to English. You get something that’s kind of like what you had, but boy is it different.

Apparently this is A Thing now, because someone else did the same exact thing to Smash Mouth’s “All Star,” which is I guess the go-to song for making fun of Smash Mouth. The scary thing is you can actually hear the vocal track with Smash Mouth’s song as opposed to just the melody. That’s a little freaky, isn’t it?

You can listen to that thing below.

We live in the future, people. The future.

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