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The Ultimate Guide To Watching (and Reading) ‘Bleach’

I swear I will save Rukia.

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You know, Rukia? Love of my life? Well … I guess that’s Orihime but it really SHOULD be Rukia, I just don’t know it yet. I’m just the knucklehead protagonist of Bleach whose only concern is getting stronger in order to protect the ones I love. I’m in good company with the other protagonists of the Big Three, no matter what the haters may say.

Anyway, I gotta go through a lot of BS in Bleach to save my lady love(s). Many arcs, if you will. So this one goes out to my fellow completionists: a guide to all the arcs in Bleach along with their corresponding manga chapters and anime episodes.

  1. Agent of the Shinigami arc
  • Manga chapters 1-70
  • Anime episodes 1-20
  1. Soul Society: The Sneak Entry arc
  • Manga chapters 71-117
  • Anime episodes 21-41
  1. Soul Society: The Rescue arc
  • Manga chapters 118-183
  • Anime episodes 42-63
  1. The Bount arc
  • Anime only
  • Episodes 64-91
  1. Bount Assault on Soul Society arc
  • Anime only
  • Episodes 92-109
  1. Arrancar: The Arrival arc
  • Manga chapters 184-229
  • Anime episodes 110-131
  1. Arrancar: The Hueco Mundo Sneak Entry arc
  • Manga chapters 230-251
  • Anime episodes 132-151
  1. Arrancar: The Fierce Fight arc
  • Manga chapters 252-286
  • Anime episodes 152-167
  1. The New Captain Shusuke Amagai arc
  • Anime only
  • Episodes 168-189
  1. Arrancar vs. Shinigami arc
  • Manga chapters 287-315
  • Anime episodes 190-205
  1. The Past arc
  • Manga chapters -108 to -100
  • Anime episodes 206-212—To reflect the events occurring before the main plot of the Bleach series, the manga chapters for The Past arc were published with negative numbers. Also because it’s cool and artsy.
  1. Arrancar: Decisive Battle of Karakura arc
  • Manga chapters 316-340
  • Anime episodes 213-229
  1. Zanpakuto: The Alternate Tale arc
  • Anime only
  • Episodes 230-265
  1. Arrancar: Downfall arc
  • Manga chapters 341-423
  • Anime episodes 266-316
  1. Gotei 13 Invading army arc
  • Anime only
  • Episodes 317-342
  1. The Lost Substitute Shinigami arc
  • Manga chapters 424-479
  • Anime episodes 343-366
  1. The 1000-Year Blood War arc
  • Manga chapters 480-686

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