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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend‘s Aline Brosh McKenna Inspires Everyone to Go After Their Goals in a Twitter Thread

Females are strong as hell.

Aline Brosh McKenna is tired of women thinking they have an age limit on their success. One of the creative minds behind Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Aline took to Twitter to share a beautiful message with her followers.

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Women often feel like we’re being rushed into our dreams or marriages or even into motherhood. So to see that there can be success at any age is helpful and encouraging.

From there, Twitter took over, sharing aspects of their own success or thanks for Aline’s message.

Because our dreams don’t have an age limit.

When we stop and think about the power of women, a lot of our more influential ladies changed the world long after their 20s.

It’s important to remember that it can take a lot for us to realize that our age can’t stop us, considering the cultural conditioning and messaging we constantly receive.

And the most important one, at least to me, is the one pointing out that growing older doesn’t mean everything stops. Just because we are 30 doesn’t mean that our dreams suddenly die.

A lot of the thread included women using “Ask” to remind people that all you have to do is ask women how they got where they are. When they started. If younger women had an open dialogue with successful older women, a lot of anxieties about our careers that we harbor could be extinguished.

Most of the arguments against women stem from the idea that we have a time limit on when we can settle down and have children. But, as simple as it seems, we can do it all. We just have to talk about how we’re feeling and how hard we work.

If more men opened up to women, or it wasn’t seen as “presumptive,” we’d do the same in return a lot more.

But then again, it isn’t just a woman’s issue.

It’s crucial to have these dialogues so we know that we’re not all alone in our struggles. Thank you to Aline Brosh McKenna for reminding us that our career goals are possible at any age.

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