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Alex Jones Names Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey As An Ally Against “Globalists”

Twitter is trash and we should probably delete it.

In a somewhat unsurprising turn of events, apparently, Alex Jones considers Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey an ally of his in the “fight” against globalists. Given that Twitter is now the only social media platform to not disavow and ban Jones, and that they have decided that bigotry is acceptable speech on their platform, this is sadly not particularly shocking.

The site Media Matters posted the full quote from today’s show by Jones, which reads:

You have to understand, folks. I have worked so hard in this and have been so dedicated that I don’t want to be taken out of the game and I’m going 110 percent — I can’t quit. But you have to understand — I’m going to fight 110 percent to stay on the air and everything and I think we can, if you help us. But if we get knocked out, I’m just upset for the country and the world because they’re going after everybody already.

So, we are the main promontory as the enemy attacks and we’re right up front and under the main attack and I appreciate your prayers, but I prayed a long time ago on air — and I meant it — that we’d be lifted up like a standard against the globalists and that we’d be given the information, and the words, and the stamina to wake people up against the evil, anti-human, mark of the beast, one world government, Chinese social score plan that’s now here. And it’s happened. We’ve worked with others like [Drudge Report’s Matt] Drudge and other patriots, and you really learn who’s good and who’s bad. [Fox’s] Tucker Carlson’s good and [radio host] Michael Savage is good and a few others are good. [Fox’s] Laura Ingraham. Matt Drudge. So far [Twitter CEO] Jack Dorsey. And it’s going to be one hell of an adventure. I mean that’s the thing. This is one hell of an adventure. Flying around in private jet airplanes and owning slave factories doesn’t sound too fun to me. Fighting the guys that own the slave factories, that sounds really exciting. I feel good when I do that. Don’t you?

For those not in the know, the perceived globalist movement is an Illuminati-esque conspiracy to bring the world under one government. Jones sounds downright thrilled at the prospect of fighting a war against his enemies, which is terrifying given how desperate he might be given how his platforms are shrinking. Twitter is his main platform now, and given Dorsey’s tacit support over the past week, it’s understandable that he might see Dorsey as an ally.

Now, this doesn’t mean that Dorsey is some sort of outrageous conservative ally, but his actions have painted him as sympathetic to men like Jones and their actions. He will need to step forward and take action after Jones’s statements or reveal himself to be a supporter of Jones and similar movements. He really doesn’t have a choice — this publicity will negatively impact his platform, and Twitter is already drawing ire for Dorsey’s decision to not ban Jones.

This is a time where inaction speaks just as loudly as action. Between Jones’s words and Dorsey’s inaction, he is painting himself with the same brush used by Jones and his followers. And that is not necessarily a brush you want to paint yourself with. It’s enough to make me want to delete my own account, and maybe a mass migration from the app will be the only language that gets through to Dorsey. Whether or not he’ll respond to Jones’s quote remains to be seen, but hopefully, we’ll see a change on Twitter for good. Though given their past actions, this might be a fool’s hope.

(via Media Matters, image: Shutterstock)

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