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Alec Baldwin’s Miscasting as Thomas Wayne in the Joker Movie Is No More

Alec Baldwin is no longer playing Thomas Wayne in the Joker movie. Thank you, Gotham City.

When it was announced that Alec Baldwin would be playing a Trump-like Thomas Wayne, father of Bruce Wayne, we all cried out, “Why? That makes no sense!” and it seems as if our cries were heard. Today, Baldwin tweeted that he is no longer doing the Joker movie, a movie that is confusing and no one really can figure out what is going on with it.

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Joaquin Phoenix is set to play the Joker in a movie with a cast that seems like a Tumblr dreamcasting, and when they announced that Thomas Wayne would be Trump-like with Baldwin leading the charge, obviously we had concerns—mainly, whether or not those behind the movie had ever opened a comic about Batman in their lives.

It seems, though, that luck was shining down upon us all, because today, Baldwin pulled out of the film.

Thank you, Bruce Wayne, for saving us from a terribly miscast role. Look, Thomas Wayne is an upstanding citizen who would hate everything that Donald Trump stands for. The reason Bruce Wayne has a moral backbone is because of what Martha and Thomas Wayne taught him before they passed away.

If it weren’t for them, he probably would be just as bad as his villains. Instead, he doesn’t kill on principle. So, if his father were a Donald Trump-like figure, wouldn’t that moral ground be a little grayer? Trump—and his children, for that matter—doesn’t really have high morals, so if you’re trying to sell me Bruce Wayne out of a parentage like that, you can take that story far far away.

While Baldwin is out, we still don’t know about the plans for the film and, more specifically, Thomas Wayne. Will they just hire another Trump impersonator to bring him to life and disregard the public outcry? Or did those over at the DCEU finally take fan criticism into consideration to try and fix their franchise?

It seems like nearly every superhero has Daddy issues, but Batman’s have never been about his father being a monster. They were about Bruce Wayne living up to the man that Thomas Wayne was. So if you think that anyone would want Bruce Wayne to be more like Donald Trump Jr., please don’t ever attempt to write a movie about Bruce Wayne or cast Alec Baldwin in it.

Still, we will have to wait and see what Joker holds for us because, at this point, it seems like a lot more of a joke than a movie that will stay true to the Batman canon. Can we just cancel the movie already or do we still have to pretend to be interested in it?

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