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There’s a New Aladdin Trailer and I Still Don’t Know What This Movie Is Going to Be Like

Will Smith as the Genie in live-action Aladdin.

We’ve all had our issues with the live-action Aladdin news. Whether it was hot Jafar or the Genie being … well, not blue, we’ve all complained and cried to Twitter. This new trailer seems to have a bit more promise than anything else we’ve seen so far, and watching as Aladdin and Jasmine sing “A Whole New World,” I did find myself getting choked up.

That being said, it still doesn’t look great.

Well, I’ll give this trailer props: There was more Rajah and Abu in it, and that’s maybe the only thing I’m excited about. I’m still mad that Aladdin is wearing a shirt at all, because the entire point was that he couldn’t even afford a shirt, but whatever, Disney. Here’s the trailer; make of it what you will.

Okay, let’s break some of this down: So the Genie just openly looks like Will Smith throughout a good portion of this movie? Weren’t we promised that he was going to be blue? Sure, he’s blue for a second when he first meets Aladdin, but then he seems to be Will Smith unnecessarily in one scene. I will allow the Genie to look like Will Smith only when he is in the presence of a crowd of people. Otherwise, you’re blue!

From there, it seems as if Jafar continues to be hot as he is telling Aladdin that he knows how he can find treasure fitting for a princess (essentially using Aladdin to go into the cave, and you know the story). But it’s upsetting that Jafar is hot. I’m not supposed to be attracted to Jafar, and yet, here I am. At least I’m not alone.

Should we stop remaking our Disney classics as live-action movies? Yes. Make new content. Stop relying on the animated movies that dominated our screens as children to give you more money. Maybe we should be focusing on creating more diverse animated characters and not on ruining classic movies that we all love.

Is Aladdin going to be terrible? I wouldn’t say that; it’s still Aladdin, so we at least have the wonderful music from Alan Menken to bring us joy as we’re watching hot Jafar trap Jasmine, her father, and Rajah in their own home, but this trailer isn’t doing much to make me feel as if this movie is going to be a good representation of the Disney classic.

(image: Screengrab from YouTube/Disney)

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