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Twitter Has Opinions on the Live-Action Aladdin First Look


First of all, a lot of questions about Aladdin. Why does he have a shirt on? This changes everything. But when it comes down to it, the only thing I care about is how cute Abu is because he’s just like “Aladdin is dumb but I love him, what can I do?”

So Twitter has, obviously, had some hot takes about these new pictures since Entertainment Weekly dropped them. The pictures are … quite interesting.

Consensus seems to be that there is a problem with the Genie …

Mainly because he looks a lot like Will Smith and isn’t … well … blue.

Will Smith seemed to be a big focus on Twitter because all of us love the Genie.

And there is this still that is just Genie explaining something to Aladdin that can be used for anything. Welcome to today’s meme.

Which led to this thread of perfection:

That just went on and on and on and got funnier and funnier.

Surprisingly though, everyone seemed more interested in hot Jafar than anything else.

Because, let’s be real: Jafar is hot.

Disney has a problem with villains though.

And also, Aladdin. You’re too broke for a shirt. That’s the entire beginning of the movie.

Is this Guy Ritchie-directed film going to be a mess? Probably, because Ritchie is just adding white men to it left and right. What have we really learned today? We know the Genie is going to be blue in post-production—and that a meme was born that will live on for several more hours.

(images: Entertainment Weekly/Daniel Smith/Disney)

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