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Things We Saw Today: The AITA Thanksgiving A**hole Is Free!

Ben WYatt confused in parks and rec

My favorite story from Thanksgiving was when a girlfriend ruined her evil MIL‘s (sort of, it was her boyfriend’s mother) holiday. The MIL (as she is called in the story) hated her son’s girlfriend and called her the wrong name all the time, and when someone dared to compliment her cooking, the girlfriend decided to “ruin” Thanksgiving by not bringing a turkey. In her defense, she thought the MIL was joking when she told her to bring it.

But the end of the story had the boyfriend angry and mad at her because of the event, so many were questioning him. Luckily, there is an update to the story that is both great for “Janet” and the right choice for this couple.

I’m glad that the boyfriend explained that he wasn’t mad about her getting back at his mother but more that she didn’t include him, but I still stand by the fact that it was unclear whether or not the MIL was being serious. Still, the two clearly were not going to work out if his mother was that much of a hindrance on their relationship, so maybe it is a good thing that “Janet” didn’t bring the turkey …

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Here are some fun memes we saw today!

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