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I Guess Eating McDonald’s in Your Own House the Day Before Thanksgiving Is Disrespectful Somehow?

I knew AITA would come through with a Thanksgiving post!

McDonalds Sign

This year for Thanksgiving, I went and visited my nephew and his wife who were hosting for the first time. We headed off to Chicago on the Wednesday before, grabbing McDonald’s breakfast on the way which is, apparently, a major faux pas in certain circles.

By certain circles, I mean this one aunt on this AITA (Am I The Asshole) post.

I knew AITA wouldn’t let me down during the holidays!

The situation

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is one of the biggest food teasers of the year, especially if you grew up in a house like mine where some folks start cooking the day before (maybe even two days depending on how big the meal will be). Our kitchen would be full of things that only made an appearance for the holiday. Meanwhile, the most ordinary foods and drinks were suddenly off-limits because they were being saved for the ham or the dressing or whatever.

Places like McDonald’s, in situations like this, were kinda a godsend, because you didn’t really know what you could eat in your own house. It’s not like anyone wanted to cook a regularly scheduled dinner on Wednesday when they were about to provide a meal + leftovers on Thursday (or at least didn’t when I got old enough to host my own Thanksgiving), so grabbing fast food or anything that required no cooking was vital for that Wednesday.

This AITA post has a similar vibe. The OP decided to grab McDonald’s, asking if anyone wanted anything – as one does when going to a place that offers chicken nuggets on a regular basis. Apparently, their aunt (who was staying at their house – an important detail to the story) was offended by the question. It wasn’t because they hated McDonald’s or anything like that, it was because they fast before Thanksgiving.

They make their kids fast, too.


Well … I don’t know why. Neither does the entire comment section on this post.

The OP rolls with it, though, deciding to not choose violence during the holidays, and only gets McDonald’s for themselves. Upon returning, their aunt became angry because they … were eating their McDonald’s in the kitchen?

Am I the Asshole for Eating McDonald’s in My Own Home Before Thanksgiving?


The end.

Okay not really but this is one of those AITA posts that really only has one answer.

The fasting is already an odd choice, as many have pointed out, but to be mad because someone is eating food in their own house because you chose not to eat? That’s the very definition of a reach, especially when you’re a guest in this person’s house. If you decide to not eat the day before Thanksgiving, that’s on you, but leave the rest of your relatives out of it.

You can’t demand that they follow your traditions in their own home, that just makes you, wait for it, an asshole.

I’ll see myself out.

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