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Swimming Shark Balloon is Amazing, Mesmerizing

Today in “Things I Should Have Asked Friends to Get Me for My Birthday,” we have Air Swimmers: The balloons that swim. Apparently powered only by their swishing tails, these fish-shaped balloons float preposterously around any room you care to keep them in. While similar concepts have been floating around for a while, these seem to be the first to come to market.

There are currently two models of Air Swimmers, Clown Fish and Shark, which are made of reusable mylar and controlled via IR remote. Sadly, the makers of this ingenious toy seem to have underestimated its potential and aren’t taking orders at the moment. Hopefully, that will change soon.

Curious what a swimming balloon is good for? Continue on below for some rather impressive videos. Turns out floating sharks are surprising!

(Air Swimmers via Gamma Squad)

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