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Agent Carter Will Find Peggy Working Through Her Grief

Aliasing again

Agent Carter

Marvel’s Agent Carter premieres this week (!!!!!), and so it won’t be long now until all those teases that have been building up over months and months actually come to fruition. Until that blessed moment, let us take this last little bit of time to embrace being teased just a little bit more. This time that teasing surrounds Peggy Carter’s emotional condition at the start of the series.

Where we left Peggy in the first Captain America movie was obviously not in the most joyous of places: Steve Rogers was a bit of a Capsicle. And so — arguably in yet another parallel to Alias — this is a show that will start with its main character in a place of grief. Also, obviously, in a place of badassery.

Some of this was explored in Entertainment Weekly reporter Natalie Abrams’ visit to the set. As Executive Producer Chris Dingess put it to Abrams:

What do you do when you’re no longer punching Nazis in the face and making out with Captain America? What’s the chapter after that?

And what’s the chapter like when it’s her own chapter, and not one named after her love interest? As Haley Atwell puts it:

We show the cost of her strength. She’s got her work, and she’s got her private grief, but when they are combined, that’s when it gets dirty for her.

And they are really pushing that Alias thing — as Executive Producer Tara Butters said, “It’s Alias in 1946.”

Fine by me. Especially considering that Butters and writing partner Michele Fazekas (Dollhouse, Reaper, Terra Nova, Hawaii Five-O) will be the first female duo to run a Marvel property for the screen. Bring on the ’40s Alias-style funtimes, bring on the female showrunners, bring on the character feelz. I am so ready.

All I ask is that somebody write me some really badass, really emotional Sydney Bristow/Peggy Carter fic. Wigs optional but encouraged.

(via Entertainment Weekly) (Images via ABC, Tumblr)

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