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Wear Your Shape-Changing Best Friend on Your Feet With Adventure Time Doc Martens



Doc Martens (nope, sorry, the official brand name is Dr. Martens) are really good for stompin’ on ants and suckin’ on souls as it is, but these Cartoon Network-licensed Adventure Time combat boots have the added benefit of looking like heroes Finn and Jake for bonus badassery.

These boots are set to arrive on the scene in late March/early April, and available in both men and women’s sizes and retail for $149.99 and $129.99 respectively, depending on the sizing. Also, they’re the best. I hope there are Princess Bubblegum and Marceline sets in the works so I can mix and match them and then my feet can smooch each other.


WHAT. Like you weren’t all thinking it.

Check out some more angles on these bad boys, as well as another awesome pair of patterned boots that have both Finn and Jake on them for double the action packed friendship adventures.

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