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Adria Arjona Told Us About Strong Female Characters and Starring in Disney+’s ‘Andor’ as Bix

Adria Arjona in 'Andor' for Disney+.

Adria Arjona is taking the world by storm time and time again. She’s one of the greats, and her work in things like Narcos, Triple Frontier, and now Star Wars next Disney+ series, Andor, have shown her star power. Arjona plays the character of Bix in the upcoming series, who is a woman working on the ground of the forming Rebellion and is there to help Cassian as a friend in the fight against the Empire.

She is easily one of the best new characters in the series, but we don’t get to know that much about her in the episodes provided to the press so far. We know who she is in the fight against the Empire and a bit about her connection to Diego Luna’s Cassian Andor, but we don’t know much outside of that. So, I asked Arjona what her own personal backstory was for Bix and why she’s in the Rebellion so early on.

“That’s a complicated question,” she said with a smile. And she did instantly notice my Rogue One record behind me (and my three Cassian Funkos). “I think Bix’s idol and Bix’s icon and everything she looks up to is really Maarva and Maarva is truly a rebel before there was even a Rebellion. And you can tell that Maarva and her have spent a lot of time together and you can tell that even when she’s with Cassian. This is a really tight knit group. And I think with Bix it all starts…I don’t know if it was a recruitment, I don’t specifically know the answer to that, I think Tony (Gilroy) will have a lot more answers but I think oppression is obvious and I think you don’t quite see it in Ferrix early on because the Empire doesn’t care about Ferrix, right? At least at the beginning they don’t. So it all starts with the exchange of machinery and then where that leads?” She smiled at the end and threw her hands up, so we’ll have to wait for the show for more answers.

Arjona has a tendency to pick characters who are fighting for their lives and are pushing forward and surviving. It’s a common thread throughout her career and it’s beautiful to see how all of these characters are different but how they all have strength behind them and so I asked Arjona about this trend which she joked a bit about.

“I’m gravitated towards strong women, obviously I pick them. There’s something I personally haven’t thought about but now I’m going to more in depth,” she joked. “I think I’m attracted to and I gravitate towards women that are strong and sometimes do things at their own detriment and, especially with Bix, her moral compass is always being questioned and she’s always questioning it as well. I think Bix is someone who really wants something and then it’s swayed a different direction. She wants to have a stable job, she wants to have a normal life, she’s just like ‘I need a second, I want to succeed.’ She’s ambitious and loves Ferrix so much. And then in comes Cassian and things sort of shift and she sort of does the right thing and does something for a friend. And where that leads her, I guess people will find out.”

You can see our full interview here:

Andor heads to Disney+ on September 21st and is one you won’t want to miss!

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