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Adidas Wampa Fur Shoes Are a Thing That Exists

The more popular a franchise is, the weirder its tributes will get. That’s practically a law of nature and Star Wars is a perfect case in point. What, vegetable carvings not weird enough for you? Try these Adidas wampa fur shoes on for size. Literally. What do shoes have to do with wampas? What does Adidas want with Star Wars? Who cares. These $150 sneaks feature a coating of faux wampa fur (why Adidas feels the need to point out that it’s not actual wampa fur is beyond me), a wampa tongue badge and a laser cut wampa logo on the side.

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Believe it or not, these aren’t the only Star Wars shoes Adidas currently has on the market. There are also kicks for rebel scum and off-duty stormtroopers alike. Need another way to show your Star Wars loyalty? No more room on your body for Rebel Alliance tattoos? Get a pair of these shoes, quick, before all the pro-wampa activist groups put a stop to the fun.

(via Best Week Ever)

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