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Artwork Paints Oscar Isaac and Ruth Negga as Gomez and Morticia Addams and I Need This Movie Now

Oscar Isaac and Ruth Negga as Gomez and Morticia

Have you ever seen a piece of art and instantly needed more of it in your life? That’s what happened when I saw Romy Jones’ piece depicting Oscar Isaac and Ruth Negga as Gomez and Morticia Addams.

Pieces like this are beautiful for a lot of reasons, but this piece in particular instantly inspires an interest in me because I want nothing more than a new live-action version of The Addams Family with Isaac leading the charge.

Oscar Isaac as Gomez Addams is something that fans have wanted for quite some time, and sure, we sort of got it with the animated film The Addams Family that was released in 2019. But many want a live-action version because … look, he’s the perfect hot Gomez Addams, and we deserve it in 2020. But Morticia has gone back and forth between Eva Green and anyone else that fits the beautiful spooky vibe of our queen Morticia.

Personally though, now I only want Ruth Negga as an option. This artwork is not only beautiful but puts the idea of Negga at the forefront of, at least, my mind. With Anjelica Huston being the most iconic version of the character, it’d be nice to have a fresh take on Morticia, and Ruth Negga is one of our most talented actresses out there. Plus, who wouldn’t want her as Morticia?!

But Jones also has a plethora of amazing pieces from our favorite films and sharing different takes on iconic characters.

All I want in this world now is a version of The Addams Family with this casting. It’s the least 2020 can give us, right?

(image: Art by Romy Jones, from Twitter with permission)

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