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Adam WarRock’s “The Quiet” Is the Best Song About Stopping Time With Orgasms That You Will Hear All Day

Also, it's a much better title than "Cum World."

Unless Chip Zdarsky and Matt Fraction write their own song about their Eisner Award-nominated comic book Sex Criminals in the next few hours, of course (which, hey don’t put it past them). But in the meantime, our favorite nerd rapper Adam WarRock has the market covered with this surprisingly heartfelt track about sex and relationships.

“I think sex positivity and sexuality should be talked about more in the nerd/geek world,” WarRock explained in a blog post accompanying the track’s release. “I grew up being terrified of it to some degree, growing up in a Southern Baptist environment as a very religious kid. I lost my virginity way later than most people would assume, and it took me a long time to figure out or even be comfortable about physicality, possibly because of my OCD, my own neuroses and anxieties, and because no one really ever talked to me about what any of it was supposed to mean.”

You can download the track for free through WarRock’s website here. Though be warned, it’s probably gonna make you feel all kinds of feelings. And maybe kinda want to rob some banks, which is probably not a good idea even if you do have weirdo sex superpowers.

(via Adam WarRock)

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