The Mary Sue Exclusive: Adam WarRock Channels Nightwing, Lady Cosplayers Kick Butt [VIDEO]

The Mary Sue Exclusive

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Do you like Adam WarRock? Did you groove along to his X-Women tribute and tap your feet to his new song B.S.F.X.? Then you might want to keep his new album The Middle of Nowhere on your radar; it doesn’t come out until November 5th, but you can pre-order it starting today at so you’ll be sure to have his geeky music in your earholes ASAP.

Special guests on the album include James Urbaniak (Dr. Venture) and MC Frontalot; if you want to know who the awesome Robin and Batgirl appearing in the above video are, well, that would be Betty Felon and AK Wood. Now shoo! Go preorder!

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