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The Most Relatable Marvel Character Is Adam Pally in Iron Man 3

Remember that guy who was Tony Stark's biggest fan and even had a goatee? Yeah, that guy.

Remember when Adam Pally was in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? No? Well that’s on you, because he played Gary, a cameraman who stumbled into Tony Stark and showed him his Tony tattoo and more. Pally, who you may know from The Mindy Project and Happy Endings, is a comedian who just happened to get a text message from Robert Downey Jr., and then the rest was history (in terms of his stint as Gary, anyway).

While you can often find Pally doing comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade (I literally watched him do Gravid Water last night), he’s also constantly working in comedy in general, which is maybe why Gary stuck out so much in Iron Man 3. He had such a small amount of screen time, but at his core, he was just like the rest of us.

A man who loves Tony Stark so much that he has a tattoo dedicated to him? Same. (Well, mine is Bucky Barnes, but you get the idea). Maybe the most relatable part about it, though, is that Adam Pally keeps reminding the Russo brothers that he is technically in the MCU and is still live, which … yeah, so would we, if we were in his place.

Entertainment Weekly covered how Pally texts Marvel’s big directing duo (and his late-night texts with RDJ are, uh, well documented), and you know, maybe he’s right. Maybe he can be the next Iron Man:

“I would say that I text Joe and Anthony Russo four or five times a year reminding them that my character is alive in the Marvel Universe. There’s gotta be a new Iron Man somewhere. I don’t know why it couldn’t be the camera guy.”

You can just casually text Robert Downey Jr. and the Russo Brothers? Honestly, why don’t you have your own Marvel Cinematic Universe movie yet, Adam? Stop casually chatting up RDJ and get on to the good stuff. He already got you a role in Iron Man 3. Who knows what kind of pull he has?

Who knows, maybe Gary did survive The Snap, and the Avengers need a cameraman to help take down Thanos. (Hey, you don’t know what they need to do to destroy him. They might just have to show him videos of Gamora to break him).

Or maybe he won’t help the Avengers at all. He can just get a cameo to make us all happy that Gary (and more so Adam Pally) got to return to the series. Honestly, just give Gary his own Iron Man movie.

Will Gary ever come back? If Adam Pally has something to say about it, yes, but if Gary comes back, can Pally get us all roles in the MCU? I’d like to play Bucky Barnes’s friend who keeps telling him to cut his hair, please and thank you.

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