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New Animal Crossing: New Horizons Update Says You Gonna Get This Black Hair Love!

There's other updates, too, but OMFG AFRO PUFFS!!!

There’s a lot coming in the upcoming winter update for Nintendo’s serotonin-filled island paradise, and I will break them all down one by one.

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But first.


My initial plan really was to go in order of how the announcements fall in the trailer, but y’all don’t understand, or, well, maybe you do if you’re one of the many Black gamers who have been wanting more hair options that reflected our look.

Starting November 19th, we can finally put those extra nook miles to good use and get this adorable dose of hair love! Full disclosure: there are more cute looks than the ones I’m highlighting, and even a slick bald style you can rock, but these three are the ones that are speaking to me right now.

A new hair option appears!

And another one!

And another one!!!

I need a minute.


Listen. There’s this euphoric feeling that hits when you realize you no longer have to rely on Black artists taking to social media to add hair options in a single picture so we can all pretend like it’s in the game. Like. I can run around my island like this now. And all three options are so cute! I’m about to combine so many color options to those afro puffs, like, time for my dream Black magical girl cosplay to come to fruition!

(Though please, Black gamers, take the bald look + the green skin and make our Namekian brother, Piccolo)

This look is fierce!

Now that I’m done fangirling about that, time to fangirl about everything else. Animal Crossing is once again about to maintain my peace in 2020.


There are two holiday-themed events coming. “Turkey Day” will be on November 26th and “Toy Day” will be on December 24th, both corresponding to Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. I fully plan on using both events to visit the friends who I can’t go see this year. Just like Halloween, these events introduce two new characters. Island residents will be able to assist first-class chef, Franklin, on Turkey Day (and put the pumpkins they’ve been hoarding to good use … I’m not the only one hoarding pumpkins, right?). On Toy Day, residents will help Jingle, the black nose reindeer, deliver gifts to their villagers. From the trailer, it looks like we’ll be able to rock a Santa look while we do it. I wonder if, like Halloween, the gifts are Christmas themed.

I need everything in this picture kthnxbye.

The Hip Reaction Collection

Have you ever gazed upon one of your villagers as they sit comfortably by a tree and watch as the day passes them by? Have you ever wondered, “Why can’t I sit on the naked grass, why must I always find a chair?” If that’s the case then this update’s got you covered! We’ll be getting several new reactions, including the ability to just sit wherever you please, blocking everyone’s path (my Marshal loves doing this), and even some of those cute workout moves that most of our villagers do in front of Residence Services. Still no option to walk around with a sandwich and eat, huh? Maybe we’ll be able to eat on Turkey day? I’m forever salty that I couldn’t enjoy the kebobs my villagers made when they decided to host a BBQ in front of Residence Services over the summer.

Technical Updates

If you’re running out of storage and stacking stuff in that one corner of your island to save space then Nintendo wants you to know that they hear your cries/refusal to make a second account just for storage (note: I did this, lol). You can now request extended storage from Tom Nook. I’m gonna assume it’s not free because Tom Nook doesn’t believe in free until you pay off your loan, and even then it’s just free cosmetic upgrades to the front of your house, everything else construction-wise is gonna cost you some bells. I can’t imagine it costing as much as it did to pay off my basement, but I guess we’ll see. There’s also going to be the ability for a save data transfer starting on the 19th and some kind of late January update with this bedazzled character.

Who is this new character?

Which of these updates are you most excited about? And how angry are your villagers gonna be when you stroll back onto your island after weeks (or months) of neglect? I’m not calling you out, honest (I kinda am, lol), but your villagers definitely will be. At least you’ll have cute hair when you go apologize to them.

(Image: Nintendo)

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