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So About Kim Kardashian’s Halloween Costumes …

Carole Baskin in Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness (2020)

Kim Kardashian has GOT to have someone working for her who will tell her that she shouldn’t be posting certain things in the middle of a pandemic. It’s getting to the point where I fully believe she has a reserve of pictures to share that is just going to infuriate people on Twitter to no end.

If it’s not a birthday party on a private island or her hologram birthday gift of her father from Kanye, then it is a Halloween picture of her and her kids where she dressed like Carole Baskin and made her kids tigers.

Which, sure. I guess. Pop culturally relevant in a way? Tiger King was big in the before times? Except that Carole Baskin isn’t great—she may have killed her husband—and then Kim had her friend Jonathan Cheban dress up like Joe Exotic, the convicted criminal focus of Tiger King.

So you know, great all-around fun for the whole family (this is sarcasm—the whole thing is rather horrifying). Of course, Halloween is a time to be spooky and what have you, but both Baskin and Joe Exotic are still real, living people (who despised each other) and they make for a strange dress-up ensemble with a bunch of small kids.

This is now me every time I see Kim Kardashian do something else online:

baby yoda gif

None of this is about Kim Kardashian having money or using it to have fun. She’s allowed, she’s incredibly wealthy, and she certainly seems to be having a good time. But it seems a strange choice to be on social media with the platform that she has and repeatedly not reading the room when she posts about her private island birthday trip and bizarre-yet-intricate Halloween costumes (is that a cage behind them) in the middle of a pandemic, while when many people are struggling to pay rent and stay in their homes.

There is a deeper part of this that’s disturbing and that’s dressing your kids up like the tigers that Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin had that were subject to dubious treatment. And again, associating either Joe or Carole with your kids is … a choice. As a reminder for those who did not watch Tiger King, Joe is a convicted felon who probably tried to plan the murder of Carole Baskin and no one is really sure whether or not Carole Baskin killed her husband.

So many people in America are at risk of being evicted because they can’t pay their rent, utilities are getting shut off, families are struggling, and there are people who had to say goodbye to loved ones virtually. I’m sorry if it seems like I am harping on the Kardashians but right now, it just is not the time, and I really need someone to tell Kim Kardashian to take a social media break. Kim, if you want to pay off my credit card debt, I can just like text you and tell you when not to post something.

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