Back up ALL the Things! 96GB of Storage for $25

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There are two kinds of people in the world: those who back up their files, and those who are going to have to make up a lie when Grandma asks to see the video you took at her 80th birthday. Be the first kind of person and get two Monster 3.0 flash drives for $24.99.

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Back up your documents, videos, and photos with two flash drives totaling 96GB of storage space. The 64GB drive and 32GB drive both work wirelessly, quickly transferring files from your smartphone, computer, tablet, or smart TV for safekeeping. You can even stream videos directly from the flash drives, freeing up space on your devices. Get ’em in pink or metallic black.

Get mega storage for a non-mega price. Grab two Monster 3.0 flash drives for $24.99 at the Mary Sue Shop.

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