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The Coolest ‘Tower of Fantasy’ Character Presets (And the Codes to Get Them!)

Tower of Fantasy characters together.

Depending on your viewpoint, extensive character customization options are either one of the best or one of the absolute worst features of many RPGs. And Hotta Studio’s new-to-the-US MMORPG Tower of Fantasy has one of the most detailed character creators that I can think of, at least in a JRPG-like. It stands in stark contrast to its rival Genshin Impact, which has zero character customization. But finely crafting your character’s hair, eyes, scars, attire, etc may not be for everyone. Fortunately, Hotta Studio had a brilliant idea: they added a feature that allows players to share and upload character designs as presets. You know what this means: it’s anime character reference time, baby!

Sure, appealing to players who may want to simply jump right into gameplay is an excellent move. Especially if they’re eager to grab their launch event rewards. Not everyone wants to spend an hour crafting their character (ahem). But given Tower of Fantasy‘s anime style, the character code-sharing has had a fun, if not predictable, side effect. Players are using the extensive customization to craft incredibly damn accurate lookalikes of famous anime and JPRG characters.

Here are some of my favorites. I honestly can’t believe all these customization options exist in this game. Perhaps especially in regards to outfits and hair accessories. Bonkers. Truly a wonder. And don’t worry — I’ll share the codes with you, too. They’re those “image IDs” in the corner of the picture. Just make sure that, if you want to use one of these, you choose the “correct gender” for the character (male or female) ahead of inputting the code. Tower of Fantasy is incredibly lame in that one way.

The Genshin Impact Crossover

Hu Tao (ID: 799) is one of the most popular characters from Genshin Impact, and now a lookalike is one of the most popular character presets in Tower of Fantasy. Considering how the two games are constantly compared to one another, it seems that everything must be meta always. Hu Tao is a Pyro character in Genshin, in case you would like to build your weapon stash accordingly.

Want some other Genshin characters? Try Eula (ID: 690) or Bennett (ID: 1929) on for size.

Hatsune Miku

This one makes me giggle so much, I honestly might play with it myself. If you’re unfamiliar, Hatsune Miku is the most popular and ubiquitous vocaloid, a.k.a. digital pop star. Meaning, just about anyone can download Hatsune Miku sampling software and make their own Hatsune Miku song. She does concerts as a hologram. It’s great.

There are a couple of Mikus in Tower of Fantasy. Another one’s image ID is 3825.

Naruto Characters Galore!

Apparently, Naruto remains the most popular anime in the world in 2022. So, naturally, a ton of character presets have been made which nod to the legendary shounen. You can roam around as Pain (ID: 6157), Naruto himself (ID: 1968448), Uchiha (ID: 175917), Sasuke (ID: 1012), Hinata (ID: 38), and many more.

Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul

There’s something very satisfying about transplanting a character from a very dark, gritty series into a video game with broad, green fields and lots of sunshine. If that appeals to you, the ID for Tokyo Ghoul‘s Ken is 15274.

Asuka Langely from Neon Genesis Evangelion

Obviously—obviously—I want to play as Asuka. That way, in my head, I’ll be shouting, “BAAAAKA!,” at everyone while I play. Also, this one was in the suggested builds for me, right before the game bugged out and my internet became sad. I’m having a great time.

There are a couple different Asukas. One Asuka ID is 160906.

2B from Nier Automata

If you want more meta JRPG madness, there’s a code for 2B (ID: 63865) from Square Enix’s absolutely brilliant Nier Automata. The game’s finally about to get a Switch release, so why not get acquainted with the character here?

Hisoka from Hunter x Hunter

Perhaps one of the most memorable villains in all of anime, Hunter x Hunter‘s Hisoka naturally belongs on this list. This design also just plain rules. Get your creepy vibes on with the ID 3291.

Image credit: Hotta Studio

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