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The 7 Best LGBTQ Horror Podcasts

Need some rainbow with your horror podcasts? Look no further!

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Listening to podcasts can be just as comforting as turning on your favorite bop or album. Finding solace in the thoughts of others (as long as they’re not total garbage) is very valid. And we’re not without options in terms of podcasts. And certainly not where horror podcasts are concerned. But what about horror podcasts run by queer people? Where they dive into blatantly queer horror films and/or TV? Believe it or not, there’s no extreme shortage of those either!

Queer people have always existed in the horror world. Not always in the greatest of ways and the representation has gotten leagues better than, let’s say, 20 years ago. But if you’re slowly learning about horror history, horror is queer by nature. Think of all the queer overtones in classic films like Dracula’s Daughter (1936) or the queer cult classic Jennifer’s Body (2009). Discussing the exploration of gender identity in horror is another story altogether. So don’t wag your finger at me for not mentioning Sleepaway Camp (1983). 

Itching to find out some of the best LGBTQ horror podcasts? I’ve definitely got some recommendations.

Attack the Queerwolf

Official description: Listen as hosts Michael Kennedy, Nay Bever, & Brennan Klein dissect horror faves, from classic to problematic, dish on their weekly offerings, and discuss queer identity. 

Formerly part of the FANGORIA network, this horror podcast remains one of the most popular out there. Not only does every episode have something to offer, but the hosts have such a knowledge of horror. And they were known to have pretty exciting guests as well such as Chris Landon, Bryan Fuller, Jessica Rothe, and more. Unfortunately, the podcast went defunct for a while, but they returned recently with an episode on Scream 5 (2022). If you’re looking for a podcast that’ll make you laugh your ass off and provide you with insights from queer perspectives then this is the one for you. 


Official description: A Queer Latinx Buffy the Vampire Slayer Podcast that occasionally covers Marvel stuff. 

Buffy, as a character and show, has changed the lives of so many people. Not to mention the importance of the Buffyverse to horror and pop culture. Therefore, to listen to a podcast run by a queer Latinx fan is special. Ian Carlos Crawford started Slayerfest98 in the most humble way. And now it’s got so many fans, has had guests from both Buffy and Angel, and has been noticed by Sarah Michelle Gellar herself. The discussions surrounding the episodes are thoughtful and occasionally funny (depends on the episode). And you may find yourself tearing up if you’re a major fan. The coverage on Buffy episodes has already wrapped up, but the podcast is now covering Angel (spin-off).

Girl That’s Scary

Official description: Two homegirls discussing poltergeist, their plans for the (pending) zombie apocalypse, and everything in between!

This hilarious podcast is part DREAD Podcast Network and is hosted by Jazzmin aka Jazz The 40oz Connoisseur and Kathleen aka Kat (Kat Daddy). Listening to them is like taking a break from whatever you’ve got going on. And this is a Black run podcast, too! Something that’s becoming more and more common in the podcast world. Horror can be explored in fun ways as well as serious. We can laugh about the horror movies and series that we love. Which is something you’re guaranteed to do when listening to Jazz and Kat. They are genuinely close, with a real love for the genre.

Horror Queers

Official description: Each week, queer hosts Joe Lipsett and Trace Thurman discuss a horror film with LGBTQ+ themes, a high camp quotient, or both. 

This Bloody Disgusting Podcast Network podcast is very entertaining to listen to. Joe and Trace sometimes differ in their thoughts. But that’s part of what makes it interesting to listen to. Some horror fans have very passionate feelings about content. The vibes that radiate from this podcast are a blend of serious to funny. Both hosts take an analytical approach, alongside some of their quests. But overall, it’s very easy to listen to if you enjoy what they’re covering. 


Yes, the host of Slayerfest98 hosts this podcast (or horror talk show) as well. Alongside his friend, Zachary Patton-Garcia. If you want to listen to two queer Latinx men talk about their love for horror (especially the final girls we know and love ourselves) then this is for you. The chemistry is there, the coverage is great, and there are occasionally hosts that you may know of on social media! They have season 1 (of the podcast) episodes available on YouTube.

Brother Ghoulish’s Tomb

Official description: Are you a horror movie fan who’s dying for the hottest tea and suggestions? Come kick it with Brother Ghoulish weekly for witty and insightful film reviews and news. Say hello to your horror bestie.

Ryan Kinney, the host of this podcast, is a real fan and even has quite the following on TikTok. He’s changed approach in terms of the podcast content, but you’ll still find yourself enjoying what he has to say. Especially if you’re into horror news , fun facts, and thoughts—in terms of what’s going on in the horror world. And if you listen to the earlier episodes you’ll get a taste of Ryan’s talent and love for writing horror fiction. Having more Black gay men be authors is more than important. As cliché as it may sound, representation is crucial in all spaces.

The People Under The Scares

Official description: Welcome to The People Under The Scares. This horror podcast is for fiends of the dark, eerie and disturbed. Join Mike and Bobby every Monday as they review cult classics, guilty pleasures and beyond. 

Don’t write off smaller podcasts simply because they are small. Bobby and Mike are unapologetically queer and Black. While they’re laughing about something, you won’t be able to help yourself. Oftentimes there’s more of a comedic note to the conversations. And while they aren’t yucking it up the whole time—you probably will be. They cover new horror and throwback horror. And if you want to find some new appreciation for Jawbreaker (1999), then you’ve found it. 

Other LGBTQ-run horror podcasts I recommend:

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