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Teacher Wears Same Groovy Outfit to Picture Day for 40 Years

I can't decide if its better or worse that the outfit was kind of ridiculous.

Groovy Shirt

You have to hand it to Texas gym teacher Dale Irby. He really knows how to commit to a bit. For the last 40 years, he wore the same outfit to school for picture day, resulting in 40 yearbooks worth of almost identical pictures. Check out the video below featuring all his polyester hijinks from the last four decades.

Irby says it started by accident. He just coincidentally wore the same outfit on picture day two years in a row. That can happen to anybody. On the third year though, his wife dared him to do it again. He did. With three of these pictures already taken, Irby thought, “Why not go for five?” After five he just decided to keep it going until he retired.

He admits that as he got older, it was a little harder to button up the shirt. Another thing worth noting is Irby’s commitment to his mustache. Take a look:

(Dallas Morning News via PetaPixel, image via Huzzah Vintage)

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