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Mountain of Comic Books For Sale On eBay — We’re Talking 4 Million, in One Auction

Got a warehouse or two?  Got $240,000?  Got enough people to paw through 4 million single issue comics (10-1000 copies of each issue), 20 pallets of trade paperbacks, and 10 pallets of toys?

Well, then you might be interested in this eBay auction of 285 5-high pallets of 40 full long boxes each.

As a sweetener, the sellers have thrown in some trades and toys.  30 pallets of them.  Also, free shipping to anywhere in the world!  So… that’s a savings?  According to the eBay listing:

The base of this auction consists of 4 millions comics, all checked for condition (VF 8.0 to NM) and 5-bagged. The selection consists of 30-40% Marvel and DC with the rest comprising of Image, IDW, Dark Horse, Crossgen, Valiant + other Indy titles. The titles cover the years 1988-1995 with a smaller selection from 1996-2005.

So, it comes to 6 cents a comic, but I have to buy all 4 million of them.  Hmm.  Uh.  Let me get back to you.

(h/t Bleeding Cool)

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