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Rumor: Lucas Engineers Remix Star Wars Sound Again, But Why?

Apparently, remastering Star Wars went so well the first two times, they decided to do it again! Well, the sound at least. Sound engineers Matt Wood and David Acord spoke in a podcast about how they’ve re-remixed the Star Wars soundtrack, focusing for the most part on the detail of Obi-Wan’s epic bellow. But in addition to providing some great banter, the engineers revealed some pretty enticing snippets near the end of that episode of ForceCast:

And, to be honest, that sound effect has been changed again. So at some point the audiences will be hearing that scene again with the new sound effect.

WHAAAAT? What new presentation of the Star Wars films could this be for? Well, there are two main possibilities.

First, it could be for a new Blu-Ray release of the films. Even though they’ve already been aired on television in high definition without a new soundtrack, that doesn’t mean they didn’t decide that a physical release would merit some sound fixes. And a new Obi-Wan roar would definitely sell discs.

But it would also sell movie tickets. There have been rumors of a 3-D rerelease for some time now, and that would really merit a new sound mix. You could really feel like the sound was all around you, more than ever before, to complement where everything is poking out of the screen. There’s no solid news on this front, but hey, a Padowan can dream, right?

(Via Bleeding Cool)

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