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2D Glasses


Here’s a solution for a problem you may not have known even existed: Karen Kavett and Sam Rudge have teamed up to create Inventor Hank Green has created 2D glasses, which ‘remove’ the third dimension from 3D movies and media.

(The two people originally mentioned as having created the glasses actually created the website selling the glasses. I dun goofed. Thanks, Tim, for pointing out the error. –Ed.)

That is, if you walk into a 3D theater screening Avatar wearing 3D glasses, you’ll see the movie in 3D; walk into the theater wearing regular glasses and everything will look blurry. Walk into the theater wearing 2D glasses, however, and you’ll see the film in exactly two glorious dimensions, which, incidentally, is one more dimension than the characters in Avatar have. (Hey-o!)

The diagram below shows how they work:

The glasses cost $10 for a pair, including shipping.

(2D Glasses via Techland)

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