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20 Absurd Design Fails

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1. Buzz Lightyear Cup (via)

Buzz Lightyear Cup

2. Belle Cup (via)

Belle Cup

3. Donald Duck Ride (via)

Donald Duck Ride

4. C-3P0 Tape Dispenser (via)

C-3P0 Tape Dispenser

5. Bikini Bottom Groom & Go (via)

Bikini Bottom Groom & Go

6. Sexual Assault Bus (via)

Sexual Assault Bus

7. Unfortunately Named Pedometer (captured at the Best Buy)

Unfortunately Named Pedometer

8. Batman Squirt Gun (via)

Batman Squirt Gun

9. Awkwardly Placed Ad/Exhaust Pipe (via)

Awkwardly Placed Ad/Exhaust Pipe

10. Singapore Waterpolo Team Swimsuits (via)

Singapore Waterpolo Team Swimsuits

11. USB Dog Memory Stick (via)

USB Dog Memory Stick

12. Sticky Bar (via)

Sticky Bear

13. SpongeBob Balloon (via)

SpongeBob Balloon

14. Dora the Explorer Aqua Pet (via)

Dora the Explorer Aqua Pet

15. Seinfeld CD Spindle (via)

Seinfeld CD Spindle

16. Elephant Slide

Elephant Slide

17. Handicap Ramp Leads to Stairs (via)

Handicap Ramp Leads to Stairs

18. Minnie Mouse’s Body (via)

Minnie Mouse's Body

19. Unfortunately Placed Mop Sink (via)

Unfortunately Placed Mop Sink

20. Vibrating Harry Potter Broom, for Kids! (via)

Vibrating Harry Potter Broom, for Kids!

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