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18 Things You Didn't Know About Firefly [Infographic]

Firefly, as many Joss Whedon fans will tell you, was fantastic. Its quick cancellation after only eleven episodes wasn’t due to the quality of the show, but more due to the way that Fox handled the show, showing episodes out of order, never having aired three of the series’ fourteen episodes, and even going so far as to not air the first episode (which was double the length of a regular episode) of the show, which contained most of the characters’ backstory and set up the show for the future. Firefly is missed to this day, and many of us (or at least one of us who may or may not be writing this) can’t even get into other space dramas because they just make us miss Firefly.

While we don’t have new episodes of the show to keep us satiated, the folks at CarSort put together this infographic filled with 18 neat facts about the show that we may not have know. Did you know that Neil Patrik Harris was turned down for the role of Simon? You should probably read on below and learn some Firefly trivia.

(via CarSort, thanks Brenden!)

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