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These 11 Habits of Highly Creative People Will Change the Way You Work

I never guessed.


Did you ever wonder where the most productive creative-types get their power from? Well, the artist Juan Santapau knows, and he’s created an easy-to-follow webcomic guaranteed to maximize your output.

Santapau, who lives in Santiago de Chile, is one of my favorite artists discovered on Tumblr. He has a webcomic series, The Secret Knots, that this particular comic is drawn from. My forever hero Warren Ellis called The Secret Knots “… Gently, sublimely mental. Quite, quite mad. Wonderful,” so you know Santapau’s on the right path through the dark and deep comics woods.

On his Patreon, he describes The Secret Knots as a “collection of short stories in comic form, about odd people, completely made-up art references and imaginary cities.” These are all of the things that we love. Santapau gave me permission to feature 11 Habits of Highly Creative People here. I hope you’ll learn as much from it as I did.

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How much do I love this comic? Let me count the ways. I think what always gets me is that, tongue-in-cheek fantastical trips into unknown dimensions aside, it actually does provide great tips on the creative process. (And sometimes, that process feels akin to entering a sanity-threatening place of spatial distortion.)

Daydreaming, staying open to criticism, rethinking your projects, and battling other creators to the death with your Cutlass of Success are all excellent habits to develop and maintain.

Be sure to check out more of Santapau’s trippy, wonderful work at The Secret Knots.

(via Juan Santapau’s Tumblr | The Secret Knots | Patreon)

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