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Take a Break From Reality: 10 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Audiobooks To Listen to This Month

Happy April! There are so many wonderful audiobooks to listen to this month. Whether you’re a fan of fairy-tale retellings, epic quests, or space operas, there’s something for everyone. So close your eyes and let these audiobooks transport you to another world.

You can purchase the audiobooks here.

  • VICTORIES GREATER THAN DEATH by Charlie Jane Anders | read by Hynden Walch

Listen to an excerpt:


Buckle up your seatbelt for the Victories Greater Than Death audiobook, a thrilling YA sci-fi adventure from internationally bestselling author Charlie Jane Anders, read by Adventure Time narrator, Hynden Walch.

Tina isn’t just an average teenager and beloved daughter—she’s the hidden clone of a famed alien hero, left on Earth disguised as a human to give the universe another chance to defeat a terrible evil. But not everything goes as planned when she realizes that everyone in the galaxy is expecting her to be the brilliant tactician. Luckily, Tina is surrounded by a crew she can trust that includes her best friend Rachel, and she is still determined to save all the worlds. But first she’ll have to save herself.

  • THE HELM OF MIDNIGHT by Marina Lostetter | read by Shala Nyx, Vera Chok, and Nicholas Kahn

Listen to an excerpt:


A legendary serial killer stalks the streets of a fantastical city in The Helm of Midnight, the stunning first novel in a new trilogy from acclaimed author Marina Lostetter.

In a daring and deadly heist, thieves have made away with an artifact of terrible power—the death mask of Louis Charbon. Made by a master craftsman, it is imbued with the spirit of a monster from history, a serial murderer who terrorized the city. Now Charbon is loose once more, killing from beyond the grave. But these murders are different from before, not simply random but the work of a deliberate mind probing for answers to a sinister question.

It is up to Krona Hirvath and her fellow Regulators to enter the mind of madness to stop this insatiable killer while facing the terrible truths left in his wake.

  • GILDED SERPENT by Danielle L. Jensen | read by Jeremy Arthur, Jeanette Illidge, DeVante Johnson, and Stephanie Willis

Listen to an excerpt:


From bestselling author Danielle L. Jensen comes a thrilling new novel in the Dark Shores world.

Their battles ended in victory, but the war has only just begun.

In this exciting follow-up to Dark Shores and Dark Skies, the four heroes each embark upon a path that will either save everyone they love—or put them all in their graves.

  • LOST IN THE NEVER WOODS by Aiden Thomas | read by Avi Roque

Listen to an excerpt:


When children start to go missing in the local woods, a teen girl must face her fears and a past she can’t remember to rescue them in this atmospheric YA novel, Lost in the Never Woods, from the author of Cemetery Boys.

It’s been five years since Wendy and her two brothers went missing in the woods, but when the town’s children start to disappear, the questions surrounding her brothers’ mysterious circumstances are brought back into the light. Attempting to flee her past, Wendy almost runs over an unconscious boy lying in the middle of the road.

Peter, a boy she thought lived only in her stories, asks for Wendy’s help to rescue the missing kids. But to find them, Wendy must confront what’s waiting for her in the woods.

  • THE WIDOW QUEEN by Elzbieta Cherezinska | read by Cassandra Campbell

Listen to an excerpt:


Elzbieta Cherezinska’s The Widow Queen is the epic story of a Polish queen whose life and name were all but forgotten until now.

The bold one, they call her—too bold for most. To her father, the great duke of Poland, Swietoslawa and her two sisters represent three chances for an alliance. Three marriages on which to build his empire.

But Swietoslawa refuses to be simply a pawn in her father’s schemes; she seeks a throne of her own, with no husband by her side. The gods may grant her wish, but crowns sit heavy, and power is a sword that cuts both ways.

  • THE LAST WATCH by J. S. Dewes | read by Andrew Eiden and Nicol Zanzarella

Listen to an excerpt:


The Expanse meets Game of Thrones in J. S. Dewes’s fast-paced, sci-fi adventure The Last Watch, where a handful of soldiers stand between humanity and annihilation.

The Divide. It’s the edge of the universe. Now it’s collapsing—and taking everyone and everything with it. The only ones who can stop it are the Sentinels—the recruits, exiles, and court-martialed dregs of the military.

At the Divide, Adequin Rake commands the Argus. She has no resources, no comms—nothing, except for the soldiers that no one wanted. Her ace in the hole could be Cavalon Mercer: genius, asshole, and exiled prince who nuked his grandfather’s genetic facility for “reasons.” She knows they’re humanity’s last chance.

  • THE BEAUTIFUL ONES by Silvia Moreno-Garcia | read by Imani Jade Powers

Listen to an excerpt:


From the New York Times bestselling author of Mexican Gothic comes a brand-new audiobook recording of The Beautiful Ones, a sweeping romance with a dash of magic.

They are the Beautiful Ones, Loisail’s most notable socialites, and this spring is Nina’s chance to join their ranks. But the Grand Season has just begun, and already Nina’s debut has gone disastrously awry. She has always struggled to control her telekinesis, and the haphazard manifestations of her powers make her the subject of malicious gossip.

When entertainer Hector Auvray arrives in town, Nina is dazzled. A telekinetic like her, he has traveled the world performing his talents for admiring audiences. With Hector’s help, Nina’s talent blossoms, as does her love for him. But great romances are for fairytales, and Hector is hiding a truth from Nina—and himself—that threatens to end their courtship before it truly begins.

  • THE HOUSE IN THE CERULEAN SEA by TJ Klune | read by Daniel Henning

Listen to an excerpt:


Lambda Literary Award–winning author TJ Klune’s breakout contemporary fantasy

Linus Baker is a by-the-book caseworker in the Department in Charge of Magical Youth. He’s tasked with determining whether six dangerous, magical children are likely to bring about the end of the world.

Arthur Parnassus is the master of the orphanage. He would do anything to keep the children safe, even if it means the world will burn. And his secrets will come to light.

The House in the Cerulean Sea is an enchanting love story, masterfully told, about the profound experience of discovering an unlikely family in an unexpected place—and realizing that family is yours.

  • NAMESAKE by Adrienne Young | read by Emma Lysy

Listen to an excerpt:


Filled with action, emotion, and lyrical writing, New York Times bestselling author Adrienne Young returns with Namesake, the final audiobook in the captivating Fable duology.

Trader. Fighter. Survivor. With the Marigold ship free of her father, Fable and its crew were set to start over. That freedom is short-lived when she becomes a pawn in a notorious thug’s scheme.

As Fable descends deeper into a world of betrayal and deception, she learns that the secrets her mother took to her grave are now putting the people Fable cares about in danger. If Fable is going to save them, she must risk everything, including the boy she loves and the home she has finally found.

  • TO SLEEP IN A SEA OF STARS by Christopher Paolini | read by Jennifer Hale

Listen to an excerpt:


To Sleep in a Sea of Stars is a brand-new epic novel from New York Times bestselling author Christopher Paolini.

The audiobook is read by Jennifer Hale, whose varied roles include Commander Shepard in Mass Effect, Rosalind Lutece in BioShock Infinite, and features an afterword read by Christopher Paolini and a bonus conversation between Paolini and Hale.

During a routine survey mission on an uncolonized planet, xenobiologist Kira finds an alien relic. At first she’s delighted, but elation turns to terror when the ancient dust around her begins to move.

As war erupts among the stars, Kira is launched into a galaxy-spanning odyssey of discovery and transformation. First contact isn’t at all what she imagined, and events push her to the very limits of what it means to be human. Now, Kira might be humanity’s greatest and final hope.


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