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10 Of Our Best Power Grids

Due to unforeseen fluctuations in the particle phase-space of the Trousers of Time; some confusion about the proper definition of the words trope, cliche, motif, collective, and unconscious; and what I’ve been told was a complete accident involving “an infinite number of monkeys, a finite but unknown number of typewriters, a copy of the complete works of Christopher Marlowe, and a small babelfish in a peanut-butter jar,” we regrettably have no Power Grid to offer you this week.

As replacement, we’d like to remind you have we have many fine Power Grids that stand up to repeat reading.  10 of our best are listed below.  Perhaps you’d like to take one home?

The 10 Geekiest Secret Identities

The 10 Worst Science Fiction Governments

The 10 Greatest Geek Mothers

The 10 Greatest Geeky Fathers

The 10 Coolest Science Fiction Planets

The 10 Sexiest Programmers

The 10 Uncanniest Irish Mythological Creatures

The 10 Coolest Fictional Tigers

The 15 Greatest Chosen Ones

The 2 Most Historical Inventors of the Calculus Ever

(Our April Fools Power Grid)

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