M3GAN getting ready to kill in M3GAN
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10 Best ‘M3GAN’ Memes So Far

M3GAN thee doll!

Don’t try to kid yourself, killer dolls are still scary as hell. And it’s not just Chucky (voiced by Brad Douriff) or Tiffany (voiced by Jennifer Tilly) that scares the daylight out of some. Annabelle exists too, remember! Now we’re getting a new doll in M3GAN (Amie Donald), who is coming to our screens in January 2022.

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The pure camp that this film is going to be and the fun response to the trailer is making it a good time. Especially the responses to M3GAN’s dancing (Amie Donald is actually a dancer, believe it or not!) and basically all of the scenes she’s in. Soon enough M3GAN will become even more iconic in horror. A doll that dances and kills her victims in clearly elaborate ways. But for now, we’re enjoying her through the memes that have popped up. How funny are they? Scroll on!

Remember that baby?

The Twilight cast was even scared of that damn baby, alright? But M3GAN is a little less terrifying in appearance.

Don’t f*ck with the Chuck!

Chucky vs. M3GAN, please? It’d be campy as hell.

We stan M3GAN

Are we going to stan forever? Probably.

M3GAN Thee Stallion

Megan is a horror nerd like the rest of us, didn’t you know?

Fight it out? Anybody?

IMAGINE doll Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly) fighting M3GAN in a battle to the death. Our campy dream come true.

Bad bitch energy

Our collective response is certainly: agreed.

Nobody’s better than her, alright?

Will this feud ever end? Maybe. Do we want it to? Absolutely not.

Problematic fave?


We can’t help who our murderous faves are, and I’ve got no qualms about adding M3GAN to my list.

Oh no, Scar Jo

If some of us had to see this comparison, then the rest of you need to as well!

Annabelle vs. M3GAN

Bianca Lawson as Annabelle would be something else.

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