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Geekolinks: 3/4

  1. Here’s the argument against complaining about your ex (Guy Code)
  2. Back to the Future has some terrifying implications when you give it the thought (Cracked)
  3. These redesigns of Thomas Pynchon novels are beautiful and frantic (FlavorWire)
  4. Oh, Dennis Rodman, will you ever learn not to befriend dictators? (Mediaite)
  5. You have gotta see this six-year-old breakdancer, because she is amazing (The Mary Sue)
  6. Han Solo… er, Harrison Ford is signed on for Anchorman 2 (Gossip Cop)
  7. Ok, this is one soccer player who is not faking an injury. Eesh. (SportsGrid)

(Title pic via Daily Picks and Flicks)

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