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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Pretty Pretty Princess

The Signs of the Zodiac, Represented by Disney Princesses

What’s your sign? Who is your favorite Disney princess? Hey, maybe they’re the same! Maybe not! Either way, we found a lovely Tumblr (called Blahlalala Blog Blargh) with 12 Disney heroines as astrological signs. Mine is Capricorn/Jane, from Tarzan. I like her! She’s educational! See what yours is after the jump.

In astrologically-correct order, beginning with Aries/Belle:










Aquarius/Snow White


These were originally posted by Tumblr user immadragonrawr, but if anyone can identify the artist, we’d love to give him or her credit for their art!

(via Blahlalala Blog Blargh)

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  • Frodo Baggins

    Very clever.

  • Katie

    Is it just me or do all of the princesses seem kinda white-washed? They are very well drawn, and the idea is quite clever, but it sort of takes away from the concept when ALL of them look so pale.

  • Mark

    Well, Tiana’s pretty dark.

  • Anonymous

    TBH, I just found it a reminder of how many are blond.

  • Erica Throne

    I’m disappointed my sign is represented by Tiana.

    Jasmine and Meg do seem pale. Pocahontas could perhaps be a shade darker, but I’ll accept it. Everyone else is as pale as you’d expect. In fact, I expected Snow White to be even paler. She is supposed to have skin “as white as snow” after all.

  • Anonymous

    The artist would appear to be Grodansnagel on deviantArt:

  • Kellee Richards

    My issue is that most of the personalities don’t match up very well. Just off the top of my head I would have pegged Tiana as Capricorn, Jane as Aquarius, and Jasmine as Leo. For starters.

  • Anonymous

     Same. I’m close enough to the line, though, that I can usually pass for Gemini. So I’m just going to claim Mulan here instead.

  • Karin Layton

    Meg was always a Scorpio to me. I think at least they got Mulan and Pocahontas right.

  • Angel H.

    And Jasmine looks very, very light.

  • Victoria Eden

    I knew Ariel would be Pisces. She’s a fish! But that’s ok with me because she is my favorite Disney princess.

  • Breno Bertoco

    Jasmine is looking a little like Amy Winehouse.

  • Anonymous

    Who the hell is Tiana?  She was mine too!

  • Dana Walton

    well, Cancers are all about family and love, and they are very good with money; they are always saving for something important or a rainy day. they are also very focused/stubborn. Tiana shows those traits throughout the movie, so I thought that was a good pick.

  • Dana Walton

    I could see the Pisces pick coming from a mile away, but I’m glad! The Little Mermaid is a great movie, and Ariel is so much like me it makes no sense!

  • Anonymous

    Gotta say, picking a mermaid for the fish sign isn’t exactly mind-stretching.

  • Victoria Eden

    True, but if she hadn’t everyone would be saying, “Oh my god, Ariel’s such and such and not Pisces? Fail!”

  • Victoria Eden

    They tried to make me marry Jafar but I said no, no, no.

  • Anonymous

    Why tf would anyone be disappointed with Tiana? She’s my favorite! She’s independent, she’s a smartass, she has big dreams! I love her.

  • Zanaji

    Aurora as Virgo is kinda weird…seeing as in the original story Sleeping Beauty is awakened by the birth pains of the child the prince impregnated her with when she was sleeping.

  • Katie

    I actually find it funny that if you take a REALLY hard look at it, more ‘Princesses’ (or at least female leads) in Disney movies are brunettes!

  • Pauline

    Would be cool to see an Ophiuchus done  like this, maybe Esmeralda.

  • Summer

    so does Pochahontas

  • Anonymous

    Riiiight?  Tiana is totally the hardworking Capricorn.

  • Anonymous

    Ariel only had a fin for 16 years of her life.  If she lived a long time, the majority of her life would be spent with legs.

  • Anonymous

    How did she stay alive?  She wasn’t eating! These stories make very little sense.

  • Joan Miller

    I’m a cancer and I’m thrilled that Tiana represents my sign. The choices are actually  all really appropriate if you know the zodiac well. 

  • Joan Miller

    nah. Tiana is the self-sacrificing, nurturing, family and food loving Cancer. 

  • Joan Miller

    if you’re dissecting the plausibility of disney stories, you clearly need to find better things to do with your time. what’s more, if you don’t like it, why’d you even click on the link? 

  • Anonymous

    Stumbleupon brought me here, actually.  I didn’t choose the article. Also, rational thought takes little time for those practiced at it.  Though, the realization that people who can not eat, starve, is a “dissection” that takes even less time to ascertain.

    Also, the plausibility of Disney stories is very important, as each story draws on the folklore that defines our culture, and twists it in strange ways.  Never underestimate the power of media, especially media that is consumed by children en masse.  Most of the commenters here are adults, turned on to these stories at a young age.  I find that significant.

    Perhaps you should save your judgemental comments for people whom you know. If you’d like to criticize a concept, however, be my (our?) guest.

  • Jennifer Cardigan

     Use Google.

  • Oudia Turner

    Absolitely clever!!!

  • Amelia Ann Arrigo

    I don’t see how the plausibility here falls onto Disney… Sleeping Beauty was asleep much longer in the actual fairytale (I think the going amount is one hundred years, but it can vary). Actually, one telling of it says that the Prince recognizes that she is wearing the same sort of fashion as his grandmother. The original tellings also have Sleeping Beauty get pregnant and give birth to twins- she only wakes up because one of her twins sucks on her finger and the flax seed that poisoned her comes out. 

       That being said, the point of fairy tales is not their plausibility. Fairy tales were created to teach lessons and morality in ways that children and young adults would be more likely to remember.

  • Corina Lynn Becker

    WOOT!!  I’m Gemini/Mulan!!!  I make handsome captains question their sexuality!!!!  

  • Samantha

    I’m disappointed by Virgo…and I had a feeling it was going to be  either blonde princesses…oiy  =_=…on the upside…my daughter has my favorite Disney princess Pocahontas

  • Rena Tautau

    Tiana is the true princess form the “Princess and the Frog” so I guess you are not down with the best. An if you want to get technical Tiana and Mulan are the same just different ethnic groups, they both worked for all that they had idiot it was not given to them………learn some self love and gain your own characteristics please.

  • Rena Tautau

    gurl u betta tell them they aint knowing…………..

  • Evelyn Oluwole

     Hmm, I’d have to say Cancer’s would have more of a central fixation of turning a food and family memory into a business. They have more of a need to nurture. Her fantasy scene involves her SERVING people, actually preparing the food and running the joint (at the end) very friendly like. That is very Cancer.

  • Evelyn Oluwole

     Jasmine is definitely a scorpio to me. I would say if she was a Leo, she probably wouldn’t have been as inclined to run away. Scorp ladies HATE restrictions and being unable to choose their path. Leos tend to relish attention and luxury; I doubt she would leave as a Leo.

    I can see Snow White as an Aquarius because they are very accepting of all different kinds of people and are very humanitarian. She walks into a house and cleans it without knowing who lives there, and despite seeing that they are little men  (by their beds) helps them without any thought that they’d be looked at funny by others in her kingdom. That’s very Aquarian–liking differences. Jane could probably also fit too in that respect. However, for Capricorns they generally prefer society over wilderness, so…

  • Evelyn Oluwole

     There are other implications for Virgo besides virginity–like naivety. Though that is represented to the extreme by her getting her finger pricked and then out of society for 100 and having someone to come rescue her. No offense, but I know a few virgos and they seem kind of… willing or ok with things happening to them? @_@ To put it nicely, they have a gentle, don’t-rock-the-boat approach to life… unless it makes them money *cough*Gene Simmons*cough*

  • Evelyn Oluwole

     Besides being a mermaid, it actually makes a lot of sense. She lives in a dream world of her own, even on land. Tell me that’s not Piscean XD

  • Evelyn Oluwole

    At first I was like “WTF” when I saw Cinderella as a Taurus. I asked why the hell she would be that, then saw the answer in my own life: Doing chores and not complaining or not speaking up. Ouch.  XD *consoles self with animal friends*

  • Debbie Heath

    Here is the link to the Deviant Artist who drew these.

  • spitfire

    I’m so torn about Sagittarius. I guess in the end she fits, completely, but I’ve always been torn about the movie (I loved her as a historic figure as a kid – even before the movie, felt the whole “can’t we all just get along?!” message always upset me)

  • Donna C

     I’m a Taurus and I don’t do chores, esp,. if it’s expected of me for no good reason, without complaining.  Honestly, I complain about quite a bit, tho.  I think stubbornness and liking material things are the only bits of Taurus which line up with me, anyway.

  • Shania NiaNia John

    i understand mulad being a gemini…base on the movie she had two side.

  • Anonymous

     Capricorns are the same.

  • Olaya Diaz

    Snow Aquarius? SNOW AQUARIUS? REALLY?? She’s the farthers from Aquarius a human being can possibly be!! I agree with Mulan and Rapunzel, but I’d change Jasmine and Meg, for instance.

  • Olaya Diaz

    She may be a “fish” but she’s definitely an Aquarius at personality!

  • An ST

    Hey guyzz! its based on characteristics, not on the beauty. stop looking at the photos then arguing that lolz 

  • airuss aguda

    as i’am leo i’am not meg well they just can’t get me only i’am rapunzel neighter i was dreaming on ———————-> me in a tower with a very long long long long long hair———————> only my dream

  • Jiggsaw

    Capricorns may be the same but the other reason why I would agree that Tiana’s Cap is because of her dream of starting a business and the hard work she was willing to put into doing it.

  • Stephanie Renich

    Did anyone else think Homestuck?
    Aradia = Belle
    Tavros = Cinderella
    Sollux = Mulan
    Karkat = Tiana
    Nepeta = Meg
    Kanaya = Sleeping Beauty
    Terezi = Rapunzel
    Vriska = Jasmine
    Equius = Pocahontas
    Gamzee = Jane
    Eridan = Snow White
    Feferi = Ariel

  • Lily Thubten

    Meg as leo disappoints Merida from Brave would have been a much better choice.

  • Sabreman

    Eh, true, but I continue to be amused that in the recent run of Princess Art, Meg constantly needs less tweaking to fit in. Just draw her with slightly sharper nails, bam she looks like a Leo. {g} Admittedly I’m biased, as Meg is one my favorite characters among the Princessi, but I’m even more pleased my other most-favorite was tapped for the Scorpio art (my sign).

  • Sabreman

    Magic did it. Part of the story, makes perfect sense in that context.

  • Guest
  • Becksbissel

    Snow White couldn’t be any less of an Aquarius! Aquarius should be Belle or Jane!

  • mkimbee

    Aw man! I hate Ariel.

  • Che Broadnax

    KIDA gets no love.

  • Anonymous

    Oh my god, these are made by my friend Linnéa!

  • Angie Scott

    I, of course, am Princess Aurora….The of course being said snarkily and with humor bc as a child who had trouble falling asleep, I would always replay the movie Sleeping Beauty in my mind. Every time my finger would touch the spinning wheel I would be under the witch’s spell aka, finally able to sleep. Random coincidence that they chose the very character I spent my childhood as to rep my sign. Life is funny like that. lol

  • Anonymous

    Jane isn’t even a princess wtf REDO CAPRICORN PLZ, USE TIANA INSTEAD! Tiana was all about hard work and ambition, just like Capricorns. Make Merida from Brave be Cancer.

  • Becky Garbrick

    Of course, that wasn’t in the Disney version which this is based on…

  •!/ David R. Schmitt

    I knew I would get that $%$# mermaid….

  • Anonymous

    Whoopie, I got Cinderella. The best thing you can say about her is that she’s a hard worker, and not as objectionable as Sleeping Beauty. On the upside, in recent years she’s been voiced by my favorite voice actress. Which I find hilarious because the other role she’s famous for is Commander Shepard. I can’t imagine there are any two characters that are more different from each other.

  • Constance

    I’d have liked more power poses than sexual poses.