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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Nope. Still Not Happening.

Here’s Your Update On Brian K. Vaughan’s Y: The Last Man And Runaways Film Projects

Turns out there’s an impending time limit on Vertigo Comics’ Y: The Last Man film. What are the chances it will get made? Hit the jump to find out and for some Runaways talk. 

Speaking with Comic Book Resources, author Brian K. Vaughn gave us the pertinent information on the long-running project.

It’s my understanding that the rights to “Y: The Last Man” will revert back to co-creator Pia Guerra and me for the first time in a decade if the planned New Line adaptation doesn’t start shooting in the next few months, so I expect there will be some “Y” news in 2014 either way.

Interesting. The last we heard, New Line had hired director Dan Trachtenberg, and David Goyer said they had a script that would go into production this year. “The first movie is meant to function as a standalone, but hopefully continue. Hopefully there will be others,” he said.

But the problem there was, pretty much no one though Y: The Last Man should be a series of movies. It should be a television show. Here’s hoping New Line won’t proceed and the creators can move the material to a more suitable venue. Something like HBO or AMC would probably work best but I wouldn’t be surprised if The CW picked it up like they recently did with another Vertigo title, iZombie.

Vaughn also had a bit to say about his Marvel Comics creation Runaways, another series prime for adaptation.

And I presume a “Runaways” movie is dead at this point, but I haven’t talked to anyone from Marvel in a long time, so I’m not sure. I thought “Roundtable” and “The Vault” were both dead, too, but I just heard rumblings about each recently. I guess you never know.

We shall see…

(via io9)

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  • Anonymous

    … Dan Trachtenberg and David Goyer? Interesting!

    I remember Trachtenberg when he was one of the hosts of The Totally Rad Show. The only directorial work of his that I’ve seen is that Portal short.

  • Anonymous

    Yes! Here’s hoping rights revert and we get the awesome TV show we need!

  • Isaac Nolan

    It’s such a shame that “Runaways” doesn’t seem to be making it’s way to any screens in the near future. Such a great comic series could really make for a good movie, or preferably a great mini-series when adapted correctly, especially with the Netflix deal Marvel has going on at the moment. In all honesty I’d just really like to see Karolina Dean’s powers on screen, now that would definitely be a beautiful sight to see.

  • Cad Wallader

    Runaways is really something that deserves to be on Netflix. Now that Disney/Marvel have made it clear that that is a route they’re willing to take for unproven, street-level properties, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it make it’s way there, pending the success of Daredevil/Jessica Jones/Luke Cage/Iron Fist.

  • Anonymous

    Runaways might also be tough since I dont believe Marvel has all the pieces legally. They can’t use the word “mutant” and i’m not sure if they have film rights to the Skrulls either. The movies so far have also been very light on magic (Remember the “Oh it’s not magic it’s just Asgardian super science!” stuff?) so that might present difficulties in dealing with Nico too.

    Still I’d love to see this franchise get some time in the spotlight.

  • locuas

    well, they seem to be able to use the scarlet witch,so they can use the concept of the mutants. And the skrulls may belong to marvel since they have never been used for a movie.

    Magic has been kind of ambiguous, actually. Asgard is shown to may be technological in nature, but the gems of infinity seem magical in nature to me. I think we would need a Doc Strange movie to explain this to us.

  • Anonymous

    The rumor rn is that Scarlet Witch is gonna be an Inhuman so I don’t think Marvel can touch mutants period.

  • Isaac Nolan

    Yes, definitely! A mini-series makes perfect sense for the “Runaways”, especially since a lot happens in the first volume and I mean A LOT, regarding their powers and background, way too much for one movie. Here’s hoping the upcoming Netflix series do well, using Netflix could definitely contribute a lot to the MCU.

  • locuas

    They can use the Scarlet Witch name despite her origin being closely related to the character of Magneto, which in theory should be a bigger legal problem than the mutants themselves.

  • Isaac Nolan

    I’d really love to see Marvel take whatever mutants they still retain the legal rights to, and to make them somehow descendant of the Inhumans with the Inhuman side of their DNA maybe skipping a few generations before developing as powers? It’s a long shot but it could work if done right.

    I was actually mulling this over earlier today while having a mini marvel marathon, that maybe in the MCU this could be an interesting but working explanation. In ancient times the earlier Inhumans were less secretive and that normal humans knew they existed and wrote about them as gods, or more specifically what we know as Greek mythology (would explain Medusa’s name, that’s for sure) and that since Zeus (or the Inhuman that humans had interpreted as Zeus) had children with humans in the original mythology, that those children could be the original Inhuman-human hybrids who’s ascendants would eventually become the MCU’s version of mutants. What can I say, I tend to over-think things…

  • Isaac Nolan

    That’s only because of how integral a part of the Avengers team both Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch were for a time. This whole legal business between Marvel and Fox is plain annoying.

  • Isaac Nolan

    The Inhuman angle could definitely work though, and lead into some interesting opportunities for other characters that are mutants, but still legally retained by Marvel. Hopefully it’ll all come together one way or another.

  • locuas

    what was the difference between Inhumans and mutants?

  • locuas

    Personally, i believe it is for the better that Fox has the X-men movie copyright. I just feel havig the mutants thing going on could be too much to the MCU…that being said, i wish so hard Spider-man was part of the MCU.

  • Isaac Nolan

    Inhumans, if memory serves correctly, were originally primal humans that were experimented on by Aliens, and then left with “Terrigan Crystals” thats mist would give any other humans exposed to them the same superhuman abilities (peak strength, speed etc.) as the rest of the Inhumans, and more often than not a power specific to the individual. Eventually the Inhumans became a secret sort of community, with all of them residing in the completely hidden city of Attilan. Then it’s a long story involving amnesia, political overthrowing and an Inhuman who can control her own hair, but to give you the incredibly brief rundown, they were discovered.

    A mutant however is the naturally occurring, next stage in human evolution in the “marvelverse”, meaning literally any normal human could naturally develop latent mutant abilities, usually during their teen years.

  • Isaac Nolan

    I can see your point, but if done right it could avoid becoming overkill, especially since only a few of the X-Men (up until the recent comic series) have had any involvement with the Avengers that has lasted more than one venture or crisis. If Marvel had the rights to all their properties then I think in the MCU every team would stay standalone, with maybe a few references or cameos to other characters in that universe. Plus, it could lead into a massive crossover event, or more specifically the”Civil War” arc. One can dream.

    Edit: Split into two parts of course, that’s WAY too much for one movie and probably even too much for two.

  • Cellism

    Following the Inhumanity intro issue, as far as I can understand: Thousands of years ago the Kree experimented on some early evolved humans and implanted them with their own DNA as a grand experiment. Following this, the ‘Inhuman’ subspecies evolved faster than homo sapiens and decided to continue experimenting on themselves to ‘reach their potential’. As part of these experiments they created the procedure of Terrigenesis that permanently augmented the appearance and capabilities of an Inhuman.

    Because of the disturbing nature of Terrigenesis, many of the early (unpowered) Inhumans abandoned their fellow kind and made their way into the early world to start a new life with mankind, thus interbreeding and spreading Inhuman DNA throughout the history of the human genome. The remaining Inhumans retreated from public awareness into the floating sky of Attilan, further developing their powers through exposure to the Terrigen Mists.

    This secrecy lasted for thousands of years until Thanos forced the Inhuman King (Black Bolt) to destroy Attilan, simultaneously detonating a ‘Terrigen Bomb’. This effect caused the Terrigen Mists to spread around the world in an intense concentration, resulting in the active Terrigenesis of thousands of individuals previously unaware of their Inhuman ancestry.

    While mutants and Inhumans are different in many ways, they both possess the genetic potential for superpowers. (The key difference being mutants are ‘born that way’ while Inhumans undergo a chemical process.) Some mutants (principally the Scarlet Witch’s brother, Quicksilver) have attempted to utilise the Terrigen Mists to repower themselves following the loss of their powers.

    Since Quicksilver has already been granted powers by the Mists, in a sense, it would make sense to suggest that Wanda and Pietro’s abilities will be linked to Terrigenesis. Marvel’s active push towards reintroducing the Inhumans back into the Marvel universe in such a fashion definitely points towards this. (As a similar example, Guardians of the Galaxy received a new comic book run featuring Iron Man following the announcement of the MCU movie.)

  • Isaac Nolan

    I think you’re going off the revamped “Marvel Now” version of The Inhumans while I’m going off the original, but either way it does still follow a very similar storyline.

    It does seem like Marvel has bigger plans for The Inhumans and by using it to explain Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch’s powers like you suggested, they could easily end up having a completely different tangent of the multiverse focusing on the Inhumans, which I’m sure would be profitable for Marvel, and exciting for fans.

  • Brittany K

    Y and Runaways should both be tv shows, in my opinion, with the later being a Marvel Universe show a la Agents of Shield, but better.