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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

what is this I don't even

Wonder Woman Hams it Up For Nazis

Offered without comment except the comment we found it with. Said Jessiawesome: “This is what I do to get out of dates.”

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  • Anonymous

    I kinda liked the new TV show pilot, would have been nice to see at least a few more episodes to judge it properly.

  • Captain ZADL

    I’ve read all the war time Wonder Woman comics, and I don’t remember that at all! I guess it’s time for a re-read!

  • Psychotronic (Michael F.)

    There’s a site called which has an extensive catalogue of funny comic panels taken out of context such as this. The original site has all the issues which tend to plague older sites, but there’s a mirror of sorts on Tumblr.

  • JMCanuck

    As a middle-aged gay man, I’d just like to say I can, in fact, tell the difference between a female and a honey-cured ham. I guess I should go looking for a try-out for TV’s “Are you smarter than a Nazi?”

  • Eric Bazilio

    Ok, why the fish, seriously? =|

  • Faroloz

    Nazis hunt by smell