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Allow us to explain.

Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff

One Really Famous U.S. Landmark Might Be a Weeping Angel

Oh, Doctor Who. Please stop making us so terrified of everyday objects and occurrences. Well, don’t stop, because we love every second of it, but at least, I don’t know, ease up a little? Leave us with a couple of things in this world that we don’t have to worry are secretly creatures from some other world, waiting to destroy everything we love?

Well, that doesn’t feel like it’s gonna happen anytime soon. In fact, the Doctor and company will be moving momentarily stateside this season, and while they’re there they’ll battle a very recognizable symbol of American history. For more info on the who/what, follow the jump.

**Obligatory Spoiler Alert**

Well, prepare to be a little bit more frightened of New York for a little while: The Statue of Liberty is a weeping angel.

It makes a lot of sense, if you think about it: Of all the statues in the world, it’s pretty unlikely that there is ever a moment when someone isn’t looking at the Statue of Liberty, whether it’s the tourists walking around inside of her or some insomniac staring over the water in the middle of the night. Maybe that’s why the French sent her here in the first place; get her out of their hair and keep her captive all at once, and all in the name of internation diplomacy.

It’s easy to imagine that, for the purposes of a Who plot, Lady Liberty might find a way to somehow go unobserved for a little while, leaving her free to wreek havoc.

Now here’s the part that makes us curl up into the fetal position and wish for a happy ending: Lady Liberty will make her villainess appearance in this season’s fifth episode, titled “Bye-Bye Pond.” Yup, the last one in which Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill are set to appear as Eleven’s companions; the one in which the Ponds make their exit.

The Daily Star has a synopsis of the episode (although, considering the source, it is somewhat less than completely confirmed):

The Doctor and companions Amy and Rory travel to America to battle a new army of Weeping Angels.And they get a massive shock when the 305ft-tall statue in New York harbour turns out to be the biggest one of them all.

Voted the BBC show’s scariest-ever monsters, the killer statues spring to life only when they are not being watched.

And if fans of the series are not hiding behind the sofa, they will also need to get their hankies out.

It’s in the Weeping Angels episode that Amy and Rory (played by Karen Gillan, 24, and Arthur Darvill, 28) bow out in tragic circumstances.

God dammit, Steven Moffat is going to make us cry again, and we are not fully prepared. In fact, he pretty much admitted it, because it’s a well-known fact that Steven Moffat feeds off of fannish tears:

“There will be a final showdown with the Weeping Angels. Not everyone gets out alive. And I mean it this time!”

We’re feeling fairly patriotic these days as we pour ourselves into the Olympics every day, but how will we feel if the Statue of Liberty of all things is responsible for taking one or both Ponds away from us?

(via Blastr)

(Image via BBC)

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  • StreetSpirit Photo

    Hasn’t this exact plot been a joke that’s been going round Twitter for a while?  

  • Anonymous

    But every image of an Angel becomes an Angel and there are thousands of pictures and videos of the Statue of Liberty that aren’t being constantly stared at…

  • Dana Ritterbusch

    Then they’ve been lying in wait and we’re all screwed.

  • Anne

    I have to admit, if one of the Ponds dies for good, I’d sort of prefer it to be Amy.  I guess I’ve just seen Rory die enough times to be bored of it by now.

  • Anonymous

    I called it!
    Though it was sort of obvious.

  • Anonymous

    Could this have been caused by the mood slime and the application of Jackie Wilson?

    And will the World’s Biggest Neuralizer play a role?

  • Charley Sumner

    1) There’s been a joke about the Statute of Liberty being a Weeping Angel that’s been going around the internet since at least January.  The Doctor Who Tumblr posted it at:
    2) The Weeping Angels aren’t statues that come to life, they’re life forms that turn to stone when observed.  A  305 foot tall Weeping Angel that happens to have stairways, ladders, windows, and an observation deck inside when observed would make no sense at all.
    3) OTOH, the Statue of Liberty could totally be a giant Teselecta (

  • Magic Xylophone

    Well I hope someone got fired for that blunder!

  • Michelle Mista

    Oh man, can’t wait for this one! My 4 year old adores Weeping Angels, thinks they’re the bestest. thing. ever. Meanwhile, I’ll be weeping.

  • Alice Ayres

    Except..the weeping angles don’t physically kill people. They send them back in time..

  • Anonymous

     Except when they take to neck-snapping and spine-taking, as in “The Time of Angels” and “Flesh and Stone”.

  • Totz_the_Plaid

    Seeing as the Weeping Angels are SOLID STONE and AN ALIEN RACE, and lady Liberty’s HOLLOW METAL FORGED ON EARTH this doesn’t make a fucking lick of sense.

    Have the Nestene make her a giant metal Auton? Cool. Have the Cybermen make her a giant mech? Awesome. Have any of dozens of other enemies do dozens of other things with her? All good. THIS, though… THIS is phenomenally stupid. I LIKE the Weeping Angels, but this ruins them as well!

    Unsurprising from Moffat, though. He was a great writer when he had people above him to veto the stupid stuff, but now he’s fallen so far from glory by being given complete control.

  • Totz_the_Plaid

     Hopefully Moffat!

  • Anonymous

    This is my trouble with Moffat’s era. So much build up for meh results. I don’t care if it’s the Statue of Liberty or the Bethesda angel in Central Park. Personally I think it’s cheap using real stuff like that. Lazy even. Really, does anyone care what the Doctor’s name is? Or why it’s such a secret? I certainly don’t. And him giving the Doctor a name would be the biggest canon goof since River saying he leaves the parking brake on, or the Doctor being half human. You can’t just get all fan fiction on us just because you’re executive producer. Some things in Doctor Who (the sound of the TARDIS for example) are fixed points in time.

  • goshawk

     And make them re-live grade nine trigonometry over and over again…oh…the horror…

    =P Sorry, I just couldn’t restrain myself.

  • Cliff

    So, based on a plot synopsis from the Daily Star, people are calling for Moffat’s head. A plot synopsis…

    …in the Daily Star. A tabloid that makes American tabloids look like the New York Times. Okay then. Do you also determine your choice of political candidates based on the latest from the Weekly World News?

  • Laura W

     Which is why I HATED those episodes. Seriously, Moffat, can’t keep the canon straight on your OWN creations?!

  • Laura W

     Which is why I HATED those episodes. Seriously, Moffat, can’t keep the canon straight on your OWN creations?!