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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

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Travel Back to a Time When Gaining Weight Was In Fashion

If you’re familiar with the phrase “thigh gap,” you might want to check out our sister site Styleite’s vintage-tastic list of 23 ads hailing from a time when being curvy, not thin, was the height of fashion. The times, they are a’changing. It’s almost like conventional standards of beauty are arbitrary, and you should be able to look however you want without the fashion industry telling you it makes you unattractive. Hmmm.

One more example is behind the jump. For the complete gallery, head to Styleite.

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  • Anne Atevens

    After going through the images, that was my impression as well. “Gain weight” = “bigger T&A.” And the ads are still pretty body-shaming, just in a different way (for “skinny” girls).

    Plus, half or more of those ads seemed to be for the same Wate-On product, so I think one could legitimately question whether they reflect the overall preferences of the time.

  • Laura Truxillo

    I don’t think these get passed around so much as a “pro fat” thing as they do as evidence of how fickle and arbitrary the whole “right” body thing is. The “sexy” one in the image above would be considered Hollywood Chubby, after all.

  • imelda

    I love this. The above pic doesn’t seem to just be T&A; it’s voluptuousness as a whole that they are idealizing.

    Totally OT, but I thought TMS writers would be interested in this important article: “Online Harassment isn’t virtual for women”

  • Ashe

    LOL. I didn’t realize that.

    Disney consistency at its best.

  • Ashe

    The shade of the turd may change, but in the end, it’s always a turd.

    To hell with beauty standards.

  • Laszlo

    “And the ads are still pretty body-shaming, just in a different way (for “skinny” girls).”
    Yeah, that, plus most likely they only consider fat good to a certain degree, above that it’s a bad thing again.

  • Joanna

    I think it was intentional irony though.

  • Joanna

    It seems like it doesn’t matter what we look like, if it’s difficult to obtain then that’s the current trend. Too white? Try fake tan! Too brown? Try skin lightener!

    I remember years ago dresses being too baggy in the chest area for me to fill out properly. Nowadays I’d be lucky to find one I can breathe comfortably in. Low rise jeans were also a trend about 5 years ago which meant people like me with high waists couldn’t buy a pair of comfortable jeans as long as the trend was going. And now we’re stuck with skinny jeans that completely exclude any woman with calf muscle.

    Any excuse to make women feel shit about themselves I suppose.

  • Ashe

    Good point. Disney makes me so pessimistic, haha.

  • Anonymous

    Well, this is surreal.

  • Lia Hansen

    Are we not gonna talk about what the people in the first ad are wearing? Like, this is the future, and I want one of those outfits.

  • Anonymous

    These ads were obviously pulled from The Twilight Zone.